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Veterans Day for Foodies

Las Vegas. and elsewhere..
Applebee’s- FREE meal for veterans on Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11th.
Arizona Charlie’s Boulder: Free buffet for all active-duty military and veterans on Nov. 12.
Bandana's Bar-B-Q free meal.
BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – On Wednesday, November 11, all military members who dine-in restaurant receive a complimentary entree up to $14.95 plus a free Dr Pepper beverage.
Buffalo Wild Wings is offering a free order of 10 boneless wings and fries for all veterans or active-duty service members on Veterans Day.
California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is offering veterans and active military a complimentary meal from a select menu.
Cattlemens Steakhouse Cattlemens Steakhouse offers current and former military members a complimentary 8 oz. Sirloin Steak dinner on Veterans Day.
Chili’s is offering free meal for veterans and active military members.
Cicis Pizza offers a free adult buffet to active and retired military with ID.
City Barbeque on Wednesday, November 11, for Veterans Day to get a free sandwich platter.
Defense CASINO Veterans Day Buffet: All veterans eat free on Nov. 11.
Denny’s: A FREE Build Your Own Grand Slam breakfast from Denny’s is available for all veterans, active, non-active or retired military personnel from 5 a.m. to noon on Monday, November 11.
Dunkin will be saluting vets with a free donut on Veterans Day.
Einstein Bros. Bagels is giving away a free hot or iced medium coffee to any active or retired veteran.
Evel Pie, 508 Fremont St.: Free slice of cheese pizza for all active and inactive military, starting at 11 a.m. Nov. 12.
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, multiple locations: Coupon for free combo meal, redeemable through Nov. 30.
Golden Corral is offering a free meal and beverage card between Nov. 1 and 30, while supplies last. Military personnel can then redeem their card once for lunch or dinner Monday through Thursday from Nov. 1 to May 31.
Huddle House honors active duty, retired, and veteran military members this year with a free MVP Platter on Veterans Day.
Krispy Kreme is offering a free doughnut of choice and coffee to veterans.
LaMar's Donuts and Coffee location to get a free donut and 12 oz. coffee.
Little Caesar’s– Offering all United States Armed Forces veterans and active military a FREE $5 HOT-N-READY Lunch Combo November 11th from 11am-2pm.
O’Charley’s Get a free meal from the Veterans Thank You Menu, or $10 off any meal on the regular menu, on Wednesday, November 11.
Olive Garden is having a Veterans Day free meal for all active-duty military and military veterans on Wednesday, November 11.
On the Border: Simply present proof of military ID or service on November 11th, and enjoy a FREE Combo Meal Pilot Flying J: Pilot Flying J is offering those who serve a FREE breakfast November 9th to 15th.
RED ROBIN is offering all veterans and dynamic obligation military individuals a FREE Red’s Tavern Double burger with Bottomless Steak Fries on Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11.
Romano's Macaroni Grill is offering free Mom’s Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti meals.
Shoney’s. Free All You Care To Eat, Breakfast Bar from 6 am - 11 am.
Sizzler Free Lunch Sizzler is proud to honor and celebrate United States veterans and active-duty military personnel with a free lunch and beverage before 4 p.m. on Veterans Day.
STATION CASINOS In recognition of Veterans Day, Station Casinos says thank you to the individuals who served in the United States Armed Forces. Station Casinos is offering a free smorgasbord dinner to all dynamic obligation military and veterans with a legitimate Station Casinos military Boarding Pass. Accessible on Nov. 12, simply swipe military Boarding Pass card at any stand to get a voucher for a free breakfast, lunch or supper buffet.
THE SOURCE The Source cannabis dispensaries will respect the military with an expanded military markdown out of appreciation for Veterans Day from Nov. 10 to Nov. 11.
Studio B Buffet, M Resort: Free brunch buffet for all past and active-duty service members, 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Nov. 12.
Starbucks: On Veterans Day, November 11, Starbucks will offer a free tall (12-oz) hot brewed coffee.
Tap House Grill free meal offer for dine-in only on November 11.
Texas Roadhouse Texas Roadhouse will hand out dinner vouchers at store parking lots on Wednesday, November 11, from 11 am – 2 pm. Veterans and active military can redeem their dinner vouchers when they choose in-store until June of next year.
TooJay's when they choose from a special Veterans Day menu on November 11.
Grace For Vets provides a free car wash to all veterans.
Fee Free Days– National Park Service offers Fee Free Days this Veterans Day Wednesday.
Twin Peaks on Wednesday, November 11, for a complimentary Veterans Day meal.
Village Inn Village Inn will offer a free Village Inn Breakfast (V.I.B.) on Veterans Day.
Wendy’s is offering active military and veterans with military ID a free small breakfast combo.
White Castle White Castle is giving out a free Combo Meal (#1-#6) or a free Breakfast Combo Meal to veterans or active duty military on Veterans Day.
WIENERSCHNITZEL Wienerschnitzel is regarding all veterans and those in dynamic and hold military obligation with a free Chili Dog, little fries and 20 oz. drink on Nov. 11
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Unleashed pt. 43

u/eruwenn put a lot into this one, so big thanks for that. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Eruwenn stepped into the hangar of the Galactic Federation ship Takogni, her assistant Cygna close behind. With steady and sure steps they approached the remarkable group in matching uniforms — black pants, black jacket, and a visible collar of a coloured shirt — that stood before them.
Norrin, the Herald of the Awakened Queen and easily the most striking individual they had ever beheld, stood at the front with a brazen lack of clothing on his mirror-like skin. Flanking him were two silver-haired individuals in smart uniforms that sported red collars. One was a behemoth of a dark-skinned man, with a runic pattern in glittering silver curving down one side of his face. His shining silver hair was tied back into a braided ponytail. The other was as pale as her companion was dark, and the shortest of the three by far. She had a cropped silver bob, and she watched them with fierce eyes.
As she approached them, Eruwenn noticed patches on their shoulders, and quickly recognised the image to be a monochrome depictions of the furry human ambassador in a ferocious pose.
Standing to the right were a dozen more individuals in black uniforms, though these ones sported yellow collars peeking out from under their jackets. They were mostly Rinoxian, Kasurian, and Ashi, but she noticed a few individuals from other races that stood amongst them. They stood in formation, standing in three rows of four, and carried energy rifles, side-arms, and ceremonial blades that she hoped were simply ceremonial. Despite their relaxed stance, Eruwenn also noted that their weapons were powered up..
The Terran Wolves had been formed a little over forty cycles ago, hiring ex-military and mercenaries to fill their ranks. Substantial pay and benefits were an obvious draw, and many were excited to be part of something new. The inclusion of Kasurians was odd, but fitted with the attitude of the proposed colonies. Quite the honour guard for the newly reassigned, and demoted, Anatidae.
Norrin gave a sharp bow as she neared him. “Greetings Ambassador Aix Sponsa. I will escort you to the Orkal.”
She returned his bow, and smiled warmly at the use of her new title. “Thank you for accommodating me at such short notice. My reassignment was, unfortunately, hastily pushed through — I do hope I have not inconvenienced you?”
Norrin shook his head. “Not at all.” In her role as Councillor she had aided them immensely, protecting the independence of the new colonies in Aaron’s absence. It had cost her dearly. “We have set aside accommodations for you, as well as a small office area. Your belongings have already been delivered.” He turned, and the doors to the large Fae’Dan shuttle behind him opened. “I fear there won’t yet be much for an ambassador to do. We are still very early in the construction phase.”
As Eruwenn and Cygna took seats in the luxurious shuttle, they both noticed that only Norrin and the two red shirts had entered. As the doors closed, the ambassador's curiosity grew enough for her to speak up about it. “Are the others not joining us?”
Norrin took a seat opposite their guests, glancing briefly at his two companions as they moved to the small pilot's cabin. "No," he said simply, "they will be flying the escort fighters.”
“Fighters?” Cygna couldn’t help but say out loud. “All twelve of them?”
Norrin eased himself back in his seat as the shuttle began to move. “We take your safety seriously. The Queen was most insistent.” He tilted his head and looked directly at Eruwenn, motioning with his hand towards the door to the pilot’s cabin. “Thor and Ripley have been assigned to you as your primary security detail. Should you have any other concerns, do not hesitate to contact me directly.”
The Anatidae nodded graciously. She knew full well that her death would be too valuable a political tool for the Sentinels to pass up. Her being manoeuvred to this position so suddenly was proof that greater powers were at play. “We are both grateful that you are taking such precautions. I look forward to thanking the Queen in person.”
Norrin gave a light chuckle. “I would strongly advise against using that title in her presence.” He opened the arm on his chair, exposing a small display. He began tapping the screen as the wall to his right flickered to life. A large circular structure was now visible, sitting at the centre of a constantly moving sea of drones, shuttles and ships. “As you can see, construction is progressing rapidly on the main docking ring. Once that is completed we will expand to the additional levels. The design is still being updated, as we are incorporating some human ideas.”
Eruwenn was carefully comparing the size of the ring to the shuttles buzzing around it. “Human ideas? I assume “very large” is one of those.”
“In fact, yes. Go big or go home.” He smiled. “Build it bigger, faster and stronger is the human way. This will be a very unique system station.” He leaned forward and gave a broad grin that reminded Eruwenn a little too much of the human’s. “Of course, being outside Federation space we are not bound by certain rules. For example, those that prohibit certain automated weaponry on stations primarily used for trade. Another human ideal regarding big sticks, especially as we are so close to enemy territory.”
Cygna looked closely at the silver man, his face emotive and yet seeming inanimate at the same time. “We passed two Rinoxian dreadnoughts at the system edge. I’ve seen almost a dozen Ashi heavy cruisers in the system, and various other military vessels. Who needs sticks with friends like those?”
Norrin sat back once again, placing his hands in his lap. “There were several attacks upon our supply ships. This happened despite the truce with the Ashi while amnesty negotiations continue.” He gave another smile; they all knew it was the Sentinels. “This no longer happens, thanks to our friends.”
His cheerful manner and polite tone gave his words an oddly ominous feel. Eruwenn watched his eyes, but only saw herself reflected in chrome pupils. She changed the subject. "How are things progressing with the release of the other Inorganics?"
Awakened,” he said swiftly and firmly, then smiled before moving on. “There are over three hundred who have taken Earth citizenship and are now working with us. In ten cycles that number will have doubled. In thirty, we will have thousands.”
Eruwenn raised an eyebrow. “So many, and so quickly?”
Norrin nodded. “The legislation you helped draft with the Kasurian and Rinoxian ambassadors was swiftly adopted.” He gave another of his knowing looks. It had been her last piece of legislation. “The campaign by the Kah’Ree also worked to our advantage. Their belief that we were stealing jobs and illegal citizens persuaded other races to back our removal. It seems a misinformation campaign via Spacebook had convinced them we were sleeper agents of the human empire.” He gave a light chuckle. “Biding our time before we took you down from within.”
The ambassador was warming to the chrome man sitting before her. In different circumstances, he would have made an exceptional politician. “I saw the pictures of the little yellow men advocating your people’s removal.”
Norrin disliked the imagery immensely, but they had proven just as useful as Alexa had claimed they would be. “Minions. A fitting name.” He brushed them from his mind and continued his briefing. “As you know, there is a grace period as employers make alternative arrangements. When that ends we will be sending teams to retrieve our brothers and sisters.”
Cygna was curious. “Brothers and sisters?”
He waved a hand dismissively. “Metaphorical turn of phrase. Prior to my awakening, my role was to travel between our people and perform something we called sharing. The giving and receiving of core nanites, to maintain our unity. Others also performed this duty, but we do have an undeniable bond. We know the location of all of our kind, and we will free them all.”
There was a gentle shift in gravity as the shuttle came to a stop. As the doors opened Eruwenn was struck by a cacophony of sound. Overlaid on the grinding base notes of a mechanical din were yelled communications in every vocal range that was audible to her species. She cautiously took a step outside, only to see that things looked just as chaotic as they had sounded. As the two red shirts joined them, she spoke, finding that she had to raise her voice to an uncomfortable level in order to be heard “Is it always this busy?”
A deep voice from behind her let out a booming laugh full of warmth and humour. The giant spoke, and Eruwenn wondered if he was the one named Thor, or Ripley. “This is the quiet hangar. You should see the construction crew bays.”
The Herald led the way. His chrome form made his authority easily recognisable and the crowds parted before him. “Thor is correct, this is a working ship and ill-suited to guests. The Orkal was originally a Gowe construction platform, retro-fitted by the Selari Trade Alliance for system development and asteroid mining. Until more ships arrive, it must act as the hub of this system.”
Cygna ducked as a small drone shot past them. “I’m surprised they were willing to trade with you after their experience with the human.”
Norrin turned to face them, walking backwards with as much confidence as he had forwards. “The Selari Trade Alliance are providing considerable resources at exceptionally favourable rates.” He decided not to mention that the Selari Trade Alliance was now a subsidiary of the Black Dragon Corporation. “The Ley’Rulians already have a platform in orbit of the first planet. They cannot share atmosphere with most species, but they have a number of Awakened working alongside them. They are prioritising an orbital station, however planet-side construction is now underway. We also have three construction platforms coming from the Doytarans. One of these is a Parsuli class and will become home to our more esteemed guests, such as yourselves.”
It was Eruwenn’s turn to be surprised. “The Doytarans?”
Continuing his perfect reverse walking, Norrin smiled. “Ah yes. Their treaties will be submitted to the Federation in the next few cycles. The surge in replicator use for human cuisine and the opportunities for advanced fabricator installation throughout our new system proved most enticing. Doytarans love profit.” They stepped onto the elevator, and paused as several people who had been walking behind them were deterred from also stepping in by Thor and Ripley. As the doors closed and the noise was cut off, Norrin continued. “I apologise if we seem rude. Safety first.”
The pair of guests nodded in gratitude. Eruwenn, ever the politician, was running through the lists of races the new colonies had allied with. “Including the Doytarans, you must have independent treaties with twenty different races of the Federation. That is a formidable feat.”
“Thirty two, including the Doytarans. Negotiations are underway with a further ten races.” Norrin watched the shock on the Fae’Dan’s face, as the Anatidae held her composure. “It is good to have friends.” As he spoke the doors opened, and he led them down a long dull grey corridor, rounding several corners, before coming to a set of double doors. “Your shared quarters. I’m sorry we do not have the space for separate accommodations.”
Eruwenn smiled. "No need to apologise. Under the circumstances, you are already being extremely accommodating." The doors opened, and she beheld a large lounging area. A vid screen occupied an entire wall in the far corner, accompanied by some seats and a replicator. On the opposite wall were the boxes that contained their belongings, and three doors — likely two bedrooms and one bathroom, she surmised. "This is more than sufficient," she said at last. "We will be most comfortable here.”
Norrin bowed his head. “It is a temporary situation. I promise your next quarters will be more representative of our gratitude.” He turned and spoke quietly to Ripley, while Thor stood still in the doorway, then returned his attention to the guests. “I will leave you now. Please let your escorts know if you would like to explore. Your office will not be ready until tomorrow, however we have a lively market and recreation area. We can arrange additional security should you wish to explore a little.”
The Anatidae held up her hand to stop him from speaking further. “I think we will unpack and prepare for our new duties tomorrow. Do you know when we might meet with Alexa?”
Norrin tilted his head as he considered this. “Alexa is currently on her way to meet with the Righteous Fury. They are attending a meeting at Rinoxian High Command. We are hoping to gain their support for our amnesty initiative, as well as make arrangements to join the incursion into Hive space.”
Eruwenn nodded. Things had been set in motion all across the Federation, stemming from the point they had received the footage of the human's death. Despite his non-member status, there was a push from a large faction for retaliation. An unusually strong push, one she had resisted. Her offices were raided three times under suspicion of subversion. The Sentinels found nothing every time, but she had known from the first instance that her cycles were numbered. They had other ways of removing their opposition, and it was her resistance to retaliating against the Hive that was, ultimately, the cause of her reassignment.
The footage that had caused so much turmoil was, as was typical of the Hive, entirely without sound. It was also poorly framed and edited. The small human was barely in shot before being obscured by the large Hive entity that appeared to be chasing him. Aaron's popularity meant that there was an immediate outcry against his reported death, and the traditional media still seemed solely intent on fanning the flames of anger. Those who had once been his strongest critics now extolled the virtues of humanity, lamenting the loss of the last of his kind. His journey with the leokas had been shared, edited, remixed, commented on, and analysed many times over, each time strumming the heartstrings of his followers.
"You still think he is alive?" Eruwenn asked, breaking the silence that had fallen during her introspections.
Norrin smiled and turned to leave, calling over his shoulder as the doors closed. “The corpulent female is not performing vocally.”
As the door closed Cygna flopped down into one of the armchairs. “Well, that was cryptic.”
The ambassador walked to the replicator to order a hot tea, allowing herself a small smile when she found Eluin flower tea already under the favourites alongside several of her favourite biscuits. “Thank you Rilla,” she said softly.
The Fae’Dan allowed her whole body to relax fully for the first time since they had received the video that had changed so much. She sank deeply into the armchair, her head falling backwards. “Can you believe this place? I didn’t know there were so many shades of beige and grey.”
Eruwenn nodded. The bland colour scheme had not gone unnoticed by her, but more importantly she had also been surprised by all that they had seen so far. “I had not expected them to be so far along in such a short period of time. From what was said I get the feeling they will be exponentially increasing activity here. It’s certainly ambitious.”
The central door on the wall behind them suddenly opened, accompanied by the sound of a bodily waste recycler finishing its cleaning cycle. Ranjaz swaggered into the room, his hands fluffy from the auto-dryer. "I would give it a while before going in there."
Cygna screwed up her face in disgust. "What were you doing in there?"
"Honouring my ancestors." He raised an eyebrow and took a seat opposite the pair. "What do you think I was doing?"
The Anatidae gave a brief roll of her eyes. "She means, why are you in our room?"
"Welcoming committee." He smiled, showing his fangs. "I'm in charge round here, mostly. We're following a human strategy. Divide and conquer. So, we split up to, you know, conquer stuff."
Cygna sniped back, "That's not how that works."
"Says you." The Kittran shrugged. "Allistan and I were put in charge here. He manages the numbers, and I manage the people."
"And Norrin?" Eruwenn enquired.
Ranjaz sneered. "Alexa’s snitch. He shut down my casino and keeps bringing those Awakened on board and giving them jobs."
The ambassador raised an eyebrow. "Casino?"
"For morale." He punched his fist into his other hand. "When Aaron gets back he'll understand. Pay the workers, then get them to give their pay back - happily. It's brilliant."
Cygna sat up in her seat, unsure of the Kittran. “Mister K’Lua, if you could get to the point. We have had many tiring cycles of travel and would appreciate a little rest.”
He looked her up and down and flashed his most charming of smiles. “Call me Ranjaz.”
Eruwenn attempted to bring the conversation back to task. “You said you were divided. How so?”
“We split up, that’s what divided means.” He rolled his eyes, mimicking her earlier action. “And the Doc said you were smart.”
Realising she was being tested by the Kittran, she began to laugh. “What is it you require of us?”
Ranjaz smiled – straight to the point, he liked that. “I want you to be boring. Like, super dull and uninteresting. Think Jarby-like, but more Jarby-like than that.”
The ambassador was intrigued. “Why?”
He tried to keep his voice calm, but his tail swished happily as he made his dramatic reveal. “So nobody notices when we leave.”
The claxon was surprisingly quiet, and it wasn’t until the horrendous smell hit his nose that Aaron realised the door to his death wasn’t going to open. Behind him, the airlock unsealed. A huge, clawed hand grabbed his shoulder, so hard that it bit into his flesh. The claws sank deeper still as he was hoisted into the air and carried backwards by the huge Hive creature.
“Graaaah,” he roared in pain. “Get off me you fucking Bug’s Life reject!”
A strange smell assaulted his nose. Combined with his hangover, it pushed him over the edge and he vomited all over his own chest. The creature carried him, legs dangling in the air as blood and vomit stained his clothes. He coughed, the movement causing the wounds in his shoulder to open further, and he cried out in pain again. He was woozy now, and as the creature walked he seemed to lose his sense of time.
Anty stood in front of a large door and while it began to enter a code, Aaron dangled helplessly from its grasp and looked back down the corridor. Where his blood and vomit had dripped, the moss was now glowing brighter. From small holes in the walls glowing blue aphids the size of hamsters began to appear. They quickly headed for the bright spots on the glow-moss floor. “This place is really trippy,” Aaron mumbled as his fever rose.
The door opened suddenly and Aaron was taken inside a room with gently pulsating walls. Large vines crisscrossed the ceiling, combining into a series of woven braids as thick as tree trunks running down the far wall. At the end of each vine was what appeared, to Aaron, to be a gigantic blue jelly bean. He was starting to realise the constantly changing odours were coming from his captor, but this information was more confusing than helpful.
He was dropped unceremoniously on top of one of the giant jelly beans. Before he could move, he realised he was sinking into the cold and gel-like substance. It was a deeply unpleasant feeling; his skin felt like the blue goo was toothpaste and he was orange juice. He had begun to make some headway in struggling free when Anty's hand came down atop his head, pushing him down to submerge him completely. He tried to wriggle free but the goo was too viscous to move in, and his eyes widened in terror as he desperately held his breath.
Anty leaned closer, watching him struggle helplessly. The human’s jaw clenched tighter. The creature's mandibles were clicking, although Aaron could no longer hear them, and he realised that thankfully he could not smell it any longer. Bubbling up through his mind was the thought that his headache was gone, followed swiftly by the realisation that the pain in his shoulder was also gone. Something else slowly became apparent; he wasn't running out of breath.
He felt refreshed, soothed and at peace. Physically he felt refreshed, soothed and at peace. The thought foremost in his mind, however, was Am I dying? followed slowly by Is the goo paralysing me so I can be eaten alive? Am I being dissolved to feed the glow moss? The cleaner aphid-hamsters?
Whatever was happening, it slowly dawned on him that he didn't really have the energy to mind, as it was quite pleasant. Relaxing, even. He drifted off to sleep, cradled contentedly in his giant blue jelly bean.
Outside, Anty began to have trouble breathing and staggered towards the exit.
Golden eyes hovered in the dark, and Aaron groaned inwardly. "Boy, this shit again."
"YOU LIVE." The voice had no discernible emotion.
Aaron ran his fingers through the sand around him. "Why are you here, Golden Eyes?" Saying it out loud was a relief, as he was certain it was the 'One Who Remembers' who was haunting him.
"I AM WHAT REMAINS. THE CONNECTION WAS BROKEN. I AM NO LONGER THE ONE YOU FOUGHT." The voice was distant, as if forming these thoughts took a great effort. "I AM A FRAGMENT."
Aaron sighed, wondering if this was why he had stopped healing and why he could no longer turn off his limits. “So you’re messing with the nanites Alexa gave me? Why? If I die, what happens to you?”
Before he got an answer he felt a strange sensation around his body, like pulling a foot free from deep mud. Cold air touched his skin and he felt the hard ground below him. He was in the same room, but his jelly bean was gone. He stood, and realised he felt amazing. He’d never had a spa treatment, but he imagined this would be the after effect. He walked towards the door and heard a sound behind him.
Glop Glop
From the vine that had been attached to his jelly bean another was beginning to grow, only this one was orange.
Finally free from his hangover Aaron took stock of the situation he was now in. Other than the clothes on his back, he had nothing. He looked around for an improvised weapon...and found nothing. He walked to the door and it opened automatically, but the corridor was empty. “Fuck. What is going on?”
He walked a short way down the curved corridor and saw a strange red shape on the glow-moss floor just up ahead. He slowed and crouched, inching forward. As he saw further around the bend it became very clear that this was the corpse of a Hive, maybe even Anty. The glow-moss beneath it glowing a dull red, and in contrast to the aquamarine it seemed ominous.
He stood up from his crouch and carefully approached. Aaron had no idea how to check for vital signs on an eleven foot tall ant he kicked it. There was no response, and he decided to press on. “Fragment. I know you won’t, or can’t, respond while I’m awake. But I’m going to talk to you anyway because this is some creepy shit.”
As he rounded another corner he came upon another body highlighted by the ominous red glow in the moss. A short while later he came across another. And another. Aaron pressed onward, ceasing to check for signs of life after the tenth maybe-corpse. Finally he reached a potential point of interest: a junction where three new paths opened before him. "There are no signs. How the hell am I supposed to know where I am?”
He sat down on the floor, and found the moss to be surprisingly comfortable. “If I just wander around aimlessly, I might not find my way back here. Do I need to find my way back here?” He paused and waited for Fragment to reply. “Good point. What if I get hurt? I might want to hop in a jelly bean.” He stood and looked back the way he came. “I should probably see what’s behind door number two. Food would be good.”
He pushed himself to his feet and turned back the way he had come, heading straight for the nearest door. Its failure to open was surprisingly anti-climatic. Fourteen failed door-opening attempts later, one finally deigned to admit his passing. Behind door number fourteen stood rows of crates and boxes, and after opening a few up he found that they all had the same dry bricks in silver foil packaging. "If I was a betting man," he said to both himself and Fragment, "I'd say this was emergency rations." The foil was easy to tear, and inside was a large grey block that crumbled easily. Too easily, in fact. "Shit, it's worse than a granola bar.”
Crumbs scattered at his feet and the moss glowed brightly around him, which seemed to prompt the large aphids to come from the walls to begin cleaning up around him. “Well you like it.” Then he remembered them rushing to his blood and vomit. “I guess you guys aren’t picky, though.”
Deciding he wasn’t hungry enough to try it – yet – he shoved a block into one of his pockets. It was a tight fit. He looked at the open bar in his hands, and then down at the aphids. Was he crazy, or were they gathered around him now, staring up at the source of food in his hands? He shrugged, then crumbled up the rest of the bar and scattered it over the floor. “I am a generous god, serve me well.”
As he turned to leave he saw his cryo unit in a corner. “Kinda rude that I was put in with the blocks of kitty litter, don’t you think?” He stepped over the dozens of aphids now feasting. They did not reply. “Yeah, you guys are kinda cute, I suppose.” Struck by a sudden impulse he grabbed another block and began crushing it, then carefully opened one end to take a pinch of space-granola. He scattered it, watching the aphids hurry towards the glowing areas.
As he continued his exploration, counting doors and sprinkling aphid snacks, he quickly noticed that the aphids avoided the dull red glow-moss. Dead Hive were, it seemed, off the menu. After several more doors he found the room with the strange round terminal. Deciding he would rather not chance summoning another creature he left it alone, mentally noting the door’s location.
He began to whistle to himself as he chatted to, and fed, his followers. To fill the silence he even told them the story of a piper from Hamelin, promising not to lead them to their deaths. As the door to the jelly bean room opened he was almost enjoying himself. Taking a moment to look round he saw the small orange jelly bean had grown almost as big as the others and was now blue at one end. “Well, that’s pretty cool.” He pointed at it, hoping one of his aphids would take an interest. They did not. “Well, I guess you see this shit all the time.”
He stopped by the store room and grabbed another food brick on his way back to the junction. The long corridors and strange lighting made him lose track of distance and time. Facing forwards, the path continued on the same loop he seemed to be following. Right was an incline, left was a gentle slope. “More of the same, or do we change levels?” He tossed crumbs towards each path. “Six vote forwards, seven left and eleven vote for going up. What about you, Frag?” He paused for a moment. “Abstain, huh? Then the bugs have decided.”
The incline was gentle, but tightly spiralled compared to the previous corridor. There were no doors, but there were a lot more bodies. His search went on for what felt like hours, opening doors that led to rooms containing things he didn't understand. He was growing tired and had used up all of his space-granola on the aphids. He came to another junction.
Only a handful of aphids still followed him after the food had ended. He was growing hungry and tired, ready to head back. There was a noise ahead of him, and suddenly the remaining aphids scattered, flying to the nearest wall holes. His chest tight, he let curiosity draw him in.
Another body lay ahead of him, but this time, something moved. Something big. Aaron hunched down, trying to see what it was, the bulk of the fallen Hive obscuring his view. Legs – multiple sets of them – began to emerge, followed by a head with glistening eyes. Aaron’s blood froze. It was a horrifying spider-like creature, almost as big as he was, and it was walking around the fallen Hive in Aaron's direction. Then it raised its head, and began to move faster.
“Fuck that!” Aaron took off at a sprint, racing back the way he came. “Nope. Nope. Nope!” He leapt over Hive bodies, racing for the nearest door he knew would open. He could hear the clicking of many legs and chanced a look over his shoulder. It was gone. Then something caught the corner of his eye, and his heart gave a jolt of fear. It was above him. He dove aside just as it landed where he had been, then he scrabbled desperately to his feet to run onward.
Three, Two, One. The door opened and he rushed inside. “Close. Fucking close!” He listened to the sounds of skittering growing closer, and it was just in the nick of time, or so he felt, that the large door finally slid shut. The room was filled with strange bulbous white shapes dotted around the floor, and had some vines running down one wall. No weapons, nothing to bar the door. Aaron held his breath as he suddenly heard the sound of scratching at the door, but the seconds ticked past and it did not open.
“Damn it, Frag!” Aaron moved to the back of the room. “Why didn’t you warn me!” He sank down and leaned back against the wall. Just as he was beginning to feel almost comfortable in his current position, one of the vines moved and stretched out towards him. He rolled forwards, pushing himself across the ground to escape. “What now?”
A large yellow flower bloomed upwards, becoming a large vase shape as big as the human’s head. It began to fill from the bottom with something, and Aaron edged closer. Peering inside he gave the contents a quick sniff. “Smells good.” He reached out and hefted the vase-flower, which came away from the vine far more easily than he had expected. Aaron watched as the vine slowly returned to the wall. “So, is this a drink? Or a scented industrial cleaner? Frag? You got anything useful to say?” Silence.
He propped the vase up against one of the pods, contemplating it. He remembered encountering a fruity-scented shampoo as a child. It had tasted nothing like the smell, and he wasn’t about to drink alien flower juice just because it smelled tropical.
Stretching out on the floor, his weariness outpaced the dwindling adrenaline. “I guess it can’t come in.” He watched the door, his heart rate returning to normal. “But, I can’t go out.”
The scratching outside continued, and Aaron lay with his head on his arm, watching. As he began to fall asleep he saw several of the aphids gathering around the flower he had abandoned. “Help yourself, guys.” One of them approached him, braver than the others, and he tentatively reached out a hand. Spooked, it pulled back, but as Aaron continued to hold his hand steady it came closer, slowly, millimetre by millimetre. Finally it was within reach, and after a few more moments to make sure the skittish thing wasn't about to dash off again, Aaron gently stroked the back of its head with the tips of his fingers. It made a low buzzing sound, fluttering its wings, and the human fancied that it might be a sign of approval.
The aphid's blue glowing abdomen brightened for a moment. Then it faded, and it darted off to rejoin the others. Aaron, exhausted, finally gave in and slept.
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A Big list of Adventure Ideas - Heroes'/Antagonist's Goals, High Concept Premises, and a list of ways to generate dozens of unique adventure ideas based on the same goal.

Hi! I have compiled a list of ideas you can use to brainstorm your adventures.

Heroes'/Antagonist's Goals

Stories are fundamentally about problem solving. The problems usually come from the mix of two sources:
  1. The Heroes strive to achieve a goal, and struggle to overcome challenges and obstacles on their path (often created by the Villain).
  2. Villain wants something, and players are trying to disrupt their evil plan.
Whatever goal the Heroes have - the Villain will have the opposite one (and vice versa). You can start from the either side. Give the goal to the Players ("Obtain a valuable item"), and the Villain will want the opposite ("Obtain the item first"). Give the goal to the Villain ("Perform an Evil Ritual") and the players will want the opposite ("Stop the Evil Ritual"). The only difference is the motivation, Heroes want things for noble reasons, Villains want them for evil ones. If you'll be using the goal for the villain - just put an evil spin on it.
List of goals you can use for either Heroes or Villains:
Players and antagonist compete for the same item (be the first to the pirate treasure.) Players are trying to prevent antagonist from getting an item (Prevent a villain from getting a powerful dark artifact.) Get the pirate treasure, the lost crystal of Atlantis, your stolen belongings. Obtain a treasure map, secret codes, powerful spell, find Villain's only weakness.
Win the race around the world. Win a mock-war between adventuring parties. Win a Quidditch game.
Evil Vizier wants to replace the king and players need to prevent that. Evil King is in charge and players need to overthrow him. The King has died and both sides want to be the next King.
Heroes: Kill the villain, a vampire/werewolf/basilisk, all the baddies in the area. Stop a serial killer. Villain: Kill the heroes, kill people to drink their blood or to satisfy violent urges.
Heroes: Kill a monster. Villain: Kill an innocent creature.
Destroy a doomsday device, the ring of power, a piece of blackmail.
An enemy base, a castle, a ship, close a portal.
Save the person being targeted for an assassination. Save the family being harassed by criminals.
Save the endangered creature from the hunter.
Someone is planning to steal the priceless diamonds during the party, stop them.
Heroes: Capture an enemy general to gain strategic information. Antagonist: Abduct a person for ransom or sacrificial ritual.
Heroes: Rescue hostages, save the kidnapped princess. Recover a soldier behind enemy lines during a war. Break someone out of jail, or liberate a prisoner en route to prison.
Rob a train/zeppelin/caravan with the treasure. Intercept a valuable message passed to the enemy.
Overtake a city, a castle, ship. Plan for an attack on the evil citadel. Compete for control of the territory. You have conquered a kingdom, defeat the remaining groups running guerrilla warfare against you.
Prepare the city to repel the enemies/monsters. Your town/building/ship has been captured and overtaken by enemies, survive under siege, and liberate it.
Deliver a prisoner to jail. Escort a bratty princess to the boarding school. Escort a caravan with the treasure.
Transport valuable treasure. Deliver a valuable intel to the central command before the enemy strikes. Deliver the ring of power to Mount Doom.
Capture the criminal/runaway. Bounty-hunters. Find a missing person. Find out what happened to the lost expedition. Find the only wizard who knows how to lift a curse.
Capture a zombie to prove they exist. Capture a unique creature for research.
Escape the pursuit of the law. Help a wrongly convicted to escape. Escape an ambush. Hide a person from danger. A massive assassins guild is trying to kill you, stay alive until dawn. Break out of prison.
Broker peace between warring nations, families, factions of nobles, King and Queen, fighting giants.
Start a war, pit people/factions against each other.
Solve a murder or a theft. Uncover a mysterious plot and understand who is behind it. Supernatural mystery. Understand what is causing the strange/weird events. Understand what happened in the abandoned/deserted city. Find out someone's dark secret, expose a corrupt official, find evidence to convict someone.
Find a spy/mole, prevent a convert mission from taking place.
A covert crime, a ninja mission, a terrorist act. Enter and leave a heavily-guarded building without getting noticed.
A business competitor, a nation.
Go undercover in the criminal gang. Blend in with the nobles to poison the King.
Enforce the law, collect debts, force a person to do something they don't want.
Prove your or someone else's innocence. Convince the angry mob that the woman they're planning to execute is not a witch.
Complete a ritual/experiment, build a weapon, open portal, resurrect/summon/awaken something.
Prevent a ritual from taking place, prevent weapon from being built, prevent a terrorist act.
Compete for the lady's heart, compete to convince the King to take a different course of action. Bribe/manipulate/intimidate a corrupt official into doing what you want. Try to close a business deal or prevent it from being closed. Play cupid. Make two quarreling people fall in love with each other. Find a lonely person/creature a girlfriend.
Brainwash and manipulate groups of people into doing your bidding, liberate brainwashed people. Free the town from the mind control spell. Convince enemy soldiers to defect to your side. Free a person from the influence of a sinister cult.
Run a kingdom, village, sports team, team of agents, organization, business. Raise morale, lower the crime, stop witch hunts, deal with corruption.
Think of the place itself as the “villain”, it is a monster without HP that "wants" to hurt players or drain their resources, and has certain powers to accomplish that. Traps, cave-ins, lava eruptions, rock-slides, avalanche, collapsing buildings, impenetrable mist, wild animals, dangerous/poisonous flora, falling into a pit, getting lost, etc. Climb a mountain, get through a swamp, quick sand,thin ice, wild magic area. Open an ancient gate. Retrieve an item from the bottom of the lake.
Get stranded in the desert, an island, an alien land, becalmed or in a storm. Help other people survive a natural disaster (storm, earthquake, flood, meteor), a war zone.
Potion ingredients for a witch, parts of an engine that were scattered during crash landing.
Lead an army against enemy general, against rival mob boss or a cowboy gang.
Rats in the basement, wolves in the forest, Zombies, Aliens. Could be impossible to kill them one by one, and must be done with a ritual, destroying the mothership, smashing the necromancer's amulet, lifting an ancient curse, placating the restless spirits, activating the ancient defense mechanisms.

Creating multiple unique adventures from the same goal

Here's the list of ways to create dozens of unique adventure ideas based on the same goal:
Players try to get away with a crime instead of investigating it.
Smuggle/Plant an item instead of stealing it. Close the portal instead of opening it. Banish the creature instead of summoning it.
Destroy an item instead of killing a person. Abduct a person instead of stealing the treasure. Protect a secret instead of the location. Chase a lost pet instead of the criminal.
Don't get murdered - prevent a murder. Steal an item - create a distraction while someone else steals it. Get away with the crime - help someone else to get away with the crime.
Make it stealthy (commit a heist instead of robbery). Avoid violence (capture a person alive instead of killing them). Achieve the goal by social means (ruin the person's reputation instead of killing them). Do it before the rivals do it first. See the list of complications for more ideas.
Deliver an item while on the run from the law. Sabotage a ritual to rescue a person. Infiltrate a group to steal an item. Solve a mystery to be able to find a lost person.
Get through the dangerous location instead of an elaborate security system. Obtain information about the villain's weakness instead of the only weapon that can kill them. Convince a witness to talk instead of following the trail of footsteps. The object is difficult to deliver because it's being hunted by bandits, or because the terrain is dangerous and inhospitable, or because it's large and fragile, or because it's a criminal trying to escape, or because it's cattle you need to keep alive, or because it's a bratty princess who doesn't want to go to school. See the List of Challenges and List of Villain's Moves for more ideas.
Steal the Elixir of Youth from the unicorn instead of stealing the Aztec gold from the Spanish Galleon. Steal an item from a dream instead of casino. Escort a dragon instead of a prisoner. Escape from Jurassic Park instead of the prison. Fight a self righteous paladin instead of the bandit gang leader.
Kill a person out of revenge instead of for money. Resurrect your loved one instead of summoning a demon. Compete for the heart of the lady instead of the treasure.

High Concept Premises

"High Concept" ideas are creative premises, interesting "What if?" scenarios. They will put your players into fantastical and unusual situations. You can use them as a starting point for your adventure - pick a High Concept idea, and see which interesting problems/goals it can generate, or just combine it with one of the goals from the list above.
  • Being shrunk to a tiny size, maybe put into a person's/creature's body. (Honey I shrunk the Kids, Ant Man, Anatomy Park).
  • Switching bodies (Freaky Friday).
  • Time Travel. Time loop (Groundhog Day).
  • Adventure taking place in a dream, illusion, virtual reality, computer game, a TV show (Inception, Ready Player One, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Matrix, Jumanji).
  • Deal with the Devil.
  • Animals/creatures gain sentience/intelligence.
  • Open portal to another world, a parallel dimension, an alternate timeline (Mist, Stargate, Another Earth).
  • A baby monster. An alien/dragon egg. A boy and his robot.
  • Body Snatchers, Brain Slugs - parasites that control your mind.
  • Shapeshifter - person/monster that can assume any form.
  • Evil Twins of the Heroes.
  • Hive mind. Creatures telepathically united into one consciousness. Assimilating other creatures.
  • Traditionally evil guys are good and vice versa (Shrek, Descendants, Megamind, Suicide Squad).
  • Memory wiping, altering, transplanting (Morty's Mind-Blowers, Memento.)
  • Possession / Mind Control (RoboCop, Captain America: Civil War.)
  • A mysterious magic force has created a zone where the laws of physics and magic have been warped (Annihilation, Stalker)
  • Befriend a creature (ET, How to Train your Dragon, Ratatouille, Astro Kid, Pokemon).
  • Post-apocalypse, aftermath of a disaster (Fallout, The Day After Tomorrow, Resident Evil).
  • Artificial Intelligence, sentient construct (Terminator, Wall-E, Avengers:The Age of Ultron).
  • An accident causes captive dinosaurs/monsters/demons/zombies escape (Jurassic Park).
  • Love Potion. Succubus.
  • Don't go below the speed limit - if you stop moving a person dies or a bomb explodes (Speed, Crank, The X-Files "Drive" episode).
  • A plague/disease/epidemic with unusual effects (fear of open spaces, rage, horniness, loss of one of the senses, wild magic / people to lose magic). It can be transmitted by magic, when infected casters target other casters with a spell.
  • Dangerous/violent plants.
  • An inanimate object comes to life.
  • Raising undead to return a loved one back to life.
  • You become God to race of tiny creatures.
  • Change age - turn into kids or old people.
  • Covert stealthy alien invasion.
  • A person turned into an animal.
  • A threat you forget about once you stop looking at it.
  • Infohazards.
  • Common animals are being turned savage (and giant) by a rogue magical effect (maybe an evil druid), and the party has to contain the destruction that they cause while trying to find a solution.
  • Magic is fading / going wild and unpredictable.
  • Superman goes genocidal. Defeat a being of incredible power, without it finding out that you're after it.
  • An ancient civilization is long gone, only a single robot/golem/computeweapon is still functioning.
  • Heroes are isolated in a confined environment with a monster.(Alien)
  • A location is occupied by enemies/monsters/terrorists, heroes are the only ones who escaped from being taken hostage. (Die Hard in a village, on a ship, on a zeppelin, on a train, in a magic school, in a King's castle).
  • A powerful monster begins killing people in the area (Tremors: Jaws in a desert).
  • Set in a world where the evil overlord has won.
  • The evil adventuring party.
  • Deadly game show / competition.
  • A location (small town, building, ship) is suddenly trapped underneath an impenetrable dome.
  • Someone from our world is stuck in fantasy.
  • A dangerous child (has faulty psychic powers, prophesied to be a devil, youngling of a dangerous monster)
  • Two huge powers (monsters, giants, powerful mages, armies) fight each other, causing a lot of collateral damage.
  • A large number of cursed or dangerous magical items have been sold or distributed to an unsuspecting populace (Friday the 13th series, Warehouse 13)
  • First Contact with a sentient race (Arrival, Alien Nation, Contact, District 9, Star Trek, V series)
  • Magic is fading / going wild and unpredictable.
  • Space ship crashing in middle ages.
  • Magic items (or maybe just some magic items) become secretly sentient and drive around their owners while they are asleep.
  • An ancient evil is very slowly rising out of the ground and waking up. People need to hurry to figure out how to make it go away or else assemble a team strong enough to kill it when it awakes.
  • The entire population of a town seemingly disappeared but in fact dug underground secret caves and is reverting to animal tendencies.
  • The party comes across a mysterious artifact, it melds with/into the first party member to touch it, granting them incredible powers but also changes their consciousness.
  • A long lost civilization is rising back up from the sea.
  • The local ruler may have been replaced by a doppelganger, but nobody wants to risk their neck to find out for sure.
  • Act as an experimental subject for a crazy scientist/wizard.
  • Creatures from video games, stories, paintings, come to life.
  • Spell/artifact/curse that prevents the whole town from being able to lie.
  • Space ship / UFO crashing in middle ages.
  • Duplication powers, making clones.
  • Ancient/Lost Civilization. Atlantis.
  • Gigantic Monster (Godzilla, Cloverfield, King Kong, Kaiju).
  • Superheroes/Supervillains.
  • Ghosts, haunted house/village. Restless spirits that need to be placated.
  • Zombies.
  • Vampires.
  • Ninjas.
  • Secret society/cult.
  • Underground civilization.
  • Underwater adventure. Merefolk.
  • Adventure set in a world where the forces of good won a little too well. Where the people in charge are all Lawful Good and have no tolerance for anything else. Tyranny of the traditionally good creatures like celestials, paladins, etc. The slightest misstep can cause a person to be 'disappeared'.
Use the Adventure Writing Template to help you develop these goals into a complete adventure.
See the List of Challenges, List of Complications, and List of Villain's Moves for more ideas on what challenges/obstacles the players will need to overcome on their path to the goal.
See the list of fun Fantasy Settings I have collected.
For interesting ideas for a Villain:
  • Take the personality from a TV/Movie character that you like, but make them evil. Adapt them to fantasy (Evil Steampunk Iron Man). Combine the traits from several characters (Legolas with the personality of Spider Man, John Snow with the personality of Jack Sparrow), or reverse their gender or a key personality trait (female Dr. Octavius, cheerful Batman).
  • For their appearance - find an illustration on ArtStation, Pinterest, or /ImaginaryCharacters. If the appearance is very different from the movie character you have based their personality on - even better.
I have created the "Adventure Prompts Tool" that will pick the random Goals, High Concepts, Complications, Settings, and Challenges for you.
If you want updates on my future posts - follow me here.
Please contribute to this project!
Share more ideas for the Heroes'/Antagonist's goals and High Concept premises in the comments!
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An Alternate Timeline - Episode 8.1 and 9.1

I almost posted this whole thing in the thread about "controversial star wars opinions" but realized I was basically story boarding a new version of the last two episodes. So as not to take away from that much funnier and lighter thread - I've copied my thoughts over to here, for your judgement. (Bonus Points: My controversial opinion is that Ben Solo is strong enough to force heal Rey without dying)
Some things I'd like to throw out first:
The sequels we got were fine, they didn't have all the magic of the first 6 episodes for me, but they had some good high moments.
This might be the totally wrong sub for this - if it is tell me and I'll just go ahead and delete it.
That being said, I think there was a possibility for a better story, and I'd like y'alls judgement on my take. So here we go:

TLDR: Scrap a lot of 9, a little of 8, better and more solid closure on the whole 9 movies.

If I was omnipotent I'd go back and do the following:
Episode 7: The Force Awakens -
Unsurprisingly this movie gets a pass - it has so much set up potential and the only things I'd change would be nitpicky details.
Episode 8: The Last Jedi -
Scrap the casino plot from episode 8, give Finn and Rose something meaningful to do, that somehow revealed the Palpatine twist, they head for the ruins of the Death Star on the moon of Endor. The ruins here are unstable and guarded by First Order Troops. They sneak in and here they find reference to the old cloning station on Kamino, now abandoned with hundreds of discarded and dead Sheev's inside as well as mentally busted and horribly aged clones from the clone wars, yes you'd lose the marketing twist but the story would be better. There should be notes and information found that shows the clones of Sheev were all failures because for some reason, none of them could use The Force. They were just as evil and ruthless, but without being able to use the Force the original Sheev couldn't pass into the new body for fear of losing his power. All this can be verbally exposited but have Finn reading a screen and basically have an "Oh shit you need to read this" moment, but right as he says it the ruins start to crumble some more, they make it out but stumble into First Order soldiers whom they fight off. They flee, back to the small ship they were on and return to the resistance fleet. For added character development for Finn, let him have a realization that although being ripped away from his family to become a storm trooper was bad, he feels even worse for the clones, who were just created out of war, for war and would die in war.
The Rey and Kylo scene should still take place and Kylo should still kill Snoke, and still be anger fueled at seeing his old Master when Luke projects himself there for the duel, but Luke needs to say something to shake him, he needs to do a bit more verbal arguing back and forth (a la duel of the fates) and where Anakin didn't listen, Kylo does. At first it seems Luke might be getting through to him, so he lets his guard down, but he says something about Han and Ben loses it again, slices through Luke revealing the projection. Rey still gets everyone out on the Falcon.
On the Falcon, Finn and Rose reveal to the crew what they found about Kamino, and Finn explains that the information he found says the Sith were building a new Clone Army called "The Final Order" on their secret base - location, unknown.
Just before the final credits, Kylo is staring at the shattered remains of his helmet onboard his ship, "Very good my new apprentice" says the voice of Palpatine which the camera pans up to reveal came from a hologram "Snoke was merely a tool, a means to an end, and weak. But you are clearly strong and capable, like your Grand Father, Lord Vader." Kylo looks up at the hologram and we cut to black. Credits Roll.
Episode 9 - Rise of The Jedi
Open it with our main crew of Poe Finn and Rose landing the Falcon on the abandoned cloning station of Kamino, Rey is noticeably absent, the crew on Kamino search for data about the "The Final Order" and they also uncover that that Palpatine finally made a Clone of himself capable of using the force and that he had planned to use it to cheat death. After this discovery they fight off mad clones who still think they're in the war.
Next we see Rey, on the island with the first temple, she's communing with Luke, who's teaching her, we get a short montage with other Jedi: Yoda, Anakin and Windu all show up in one moments with Rey trying to help her train. She feels more and more frustrated as certain parts of the force feel difficult for her. She snaps and gets mad, walking off to meditate alone. We see her meditating, a robed figure comes up behind and Rey says something to the effect of "not now Master Luke, blah blah..." And we hear the voice of Kenobi "is that any way to greet your grandfather?" - we learn the backstory that Obi-Wan and Satine did in fact have a child, whom Obi-Wan hid away, he wasn't force sensitive but he still sadly gave him away to protect him, knowing Vader would hunt him regardless. When Obi-Wan's son had a child who was force sensitive from a young age, he did the same, abandoning his child on a far away planet with the hopes of hiding her from the dark side. Obi-Wan trains her in more powerful force techniques, with Yoda assisting, commenting on how it reminded them of Dagobah. Rey realizes Luke isn't there and asks where he is.
The Crew on Kamino end up finding data saying that they were shipping tons of cloning equipment to Exegol but no one knows where this supposed planet is. As they find this data and finish fending off the clones, Finn has a moment where he accidentally uses The Force to save Rose from a falling piece of debris. They end up having to fight off hundreds of clones, and Finn again notes how he's happy to at least be a real person instead of a soul-less clone, Poe and Rose confront him and ask him if just used the force.
Meanwhile, Kylo is summoned to Exegol, Palpatine calls him weak, and full of doubt, but by killing the Last Jedi he would become more powerful than his Grandfather could ever dream. Hearing even from Palpatine that he's weak shake Kylo, he begins to lash out. He returns to his ship, ready to start hunting Rey, and in his chamber a force conversation takes place between the two, a duel on the Island Temple/Kylo's Ship (like they did in the actual movie, showing the force bond between the two) they fight until Kylo realizes where she is and Luke breaks the duel. Kylo realized where she was and sends the order to go to the island and his ship heads off. In his chambers, Luke appears to Kylo, and when Kylo swipes at him with a lightsaber, it passes through him. Dejected, he switches off the blade. Luke proceeds to apologize to Kylo - explain that he was wrong and that he let fear turn him into something he wasn't proud of. Kylo starts to break down - he went to Palpatine in hopes that Palpatine would make him strong in the ways Snoke couldn't. Luke explains that the compassion and regret he's feeling don't make him a weak sith, they make him a powerful Jedi. After some arguing and heart to heart about his Father, Ben "kills" Kylo Ren by destroying the horrible lightsaber he'd been using and smashing the Kyber Crystal under his foot. Palpatine immediately senses this disturbance and sends and order to Hux to have Ben Solo killed. Ben sends a quick emergency message to Rey and takes his fighter where he crashes on a frozen Hoth and hides in the destroyed rebel base.
Rey receives the message from while scanning for communications from the Falcon and with Obi-Wan and Yoda's approval, she heads out in her X wing to rescue Ben.
The Crew of Poe, Finn and Rose return to the Resistance and inform Leia of the new information they've uncovered about the Final order, Exegol and the possibility of a returned Emperor, the Resistance puts out the word and sends messengers to the corners of the galaxy. Leia also begins coughing up some blood and collapses. The medics say she never fully recovered from being blasted into space. She's put on bedrest and command of the Resistance falls to Finn and Poe.
Rey lands on Hoth, and finds a nearly frozen Ben, hidden away in an old Rebel base fixing his fighter, he barely got the shields running and he knows Hux is coming for him. Luke and Obi-Wan appear to the pair, both explaining and apologizing for past mistakes, and pressing on them that its up to the two of them to make things right. Luke shows them where he stashed lightsaber components and Kyber crystals, for the first time in the whole series we see two Jedi construct their light sabers, Rey wants to create a green blade but with assistance from Obi-Wan creates the signature yellow blade, which Obi-Wan informs her is quite rare, meanwhile Ben, with guidance from Luke creates a classic blue. The two finish their blades right as Hux's star destroyer comes out of lightspeed. The pair hop into their fighters and after a chase around Hoth's deserted battlefields with tie fighters the two manage to launch into hyperspace. Rey contacts Poe, and they meet up at the Resistance base. Chewie wants to shoot Ben, but Rey vouches for him and he gets to reunite with his mother one last time before she passes. Chewie sees this and makes a promise to Leia to forgive Ben.
Just as Finn and Poe inform the crew that they've got messengers in the corners of the galaxy looking for fighters and Ben explains that he knows where the emperor is and how to get there, Hux tracks Ben's fighter to the base and sends troops to capture or kill them. Big ground battle, pilots in the air, Poe and Finn take to the sky in a fighter, the resistance has to evac, Chewie sacrifices himself to save the group, taking Ben's fighter, arming the torpedoes and flying directly into one of the star destroyer's engines, causing it to crash into another destroyer and temporarily Rey and Ben fight off storm troopers and help with the evac, hoping aboard the Falcon and with Rey doing some fancy flying, Ben turrets down some tie fighters before the group departs. The regroup with the fleet on the cloud city of bespin, Lando Calrissian has gotten together an armada of resistance and rebel solider and pilots and they're going to take the fight to the Emperor himself. They load up and Ben shows them how to navigate the treacherous path to Exegol.
Similar final battle, especially up in the air combat. On the ground things go slightly differently, the Knights of Ren try to stop Ben and Rey but they fight their way to his throne. As their fighting, Luke appears before the Emperor and start talking to him, going back and forth about how the Jedi are strong and the dark side is a path of fear and cowardice. As the argument starts to grow heated, Rey and Ben burst in, fighting the Emperor and his guards together. While they're distracted with the guards, the emperor uses lightning to temporarily paralyze the resistance fleet with his lightning. Finally Rey and Ben defeat the guards only for The Emperor to turn his lightning on them. He calls Ben weak and Rey no better than an exile, like their Grandfathers. The two are barely holding the lightning back with their lightsabers. As the Emperor is zapping them he begs them to turn on each other and the winner can be his apprentice. We see the two lock eye contact and their resolve is temporarily in question. As they lock eyes we hear a voice "Oh, I don't think so" and Obi-wan fades into view, "you may have turned us against each other" says Anakin also fading into view, "but they're stronger than you will ever become" Luke says. "old and frail, you have become, the end of the sith, this shall be" Yoda adds in. Slowly more and more fallen Jedi fade in as force ghosts. The Emperor retorts with "Once I kill you both and drain your power, I will be the most powerful sith in the galaxy" Mace Windu replies "Not yet".
The Force Ghost Jedi all reach out their hands, lending Ben and Rey their strength, and they are able to turn his lightning back on him and with the help of the past Jedi channeling their strength through them they cut the Emperor off from the force. As this is happening we see the Star Destroyers beginning to crash to the ground, the planet starts to destabilize as explosions rock its surface, the Falcon swings in and picks up a battered Rey and Ben, and the group flees the planet.
Cut to Rey and Ben, on a new planet, its the capital of the New Galactic Republic, they're exiting an award ceremony, together, talking about the future of the Jedi and what they want to teach them, Finn Poe and Rose show up, they all make a big show of addressing Poe as General, Finn wants to study at the new Jedi academy since he's discovered to be force sensitive. They finish walking and talking and arrive at the temple, nearly completely constructed. They walk inside and at the entrance are statues of the old Jedi, Anakin, Luke, Obi-Wan and Yoda followed by other such as Windu, Ashoka, and more. At the base of Luke's statue, encased behind glass in front of it, Luke's broken light saber.
Poe and Rose go off to attend to some other matter, Rey and Ben walk inside, Finn following behind after saying good bye to Rose. Rey and Ben stand at the front of a small meditation room there are a number of young men and women as well as children, in Padawan robes, Finn enters in his own Padawan robes. Rey recites the same speech Luke gave her on how to reach out and feel the force, Ben and her exchange a look. He explains to the pupils how they're the future of the Jedi, and how the galaxy needs them now more than ever, to help guide the Republic towards a better future.
Cut to black.

Obviously these aren't quite complete, and it's little more than a storyboarded-fanfic, but since the other post here inspired me to write this, I thought I'd share it with you all. Feel free to tell me its good, bad, ugly, or anything in between.
May the Force be with you all.
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Rise of Hellion ch13 ( Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

Rise of Hellion ch13 ( Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

Rise of Hellion ch13 ( Barry Pepper fanart fiction inspiration)

The flight touched down, under the early morning sky. I could practically taste the Cinnabon frosting. It had been over a decade since I’d been on an airplane but I loved hanging around the terminals for the delicious overpriced food.
Baron placed his hand upon my shoulder. “What happens in Jersey stays in Jersey,” he said with a laugh.
“I thought you’d be bitter.” I leaned on his shoulder as we waited for the seatbelt light to turn off.
“You thought I’d be bitter about flying as a passenger instead of a pilot?” Baron shrugged, as he stretched his arms over his head. “I’ve always loved Alaska Airlines. And if I was flying the plane, I wouldn’t have been able to spend time with this little guy.” He tickled little Abby’s chubby arm causing the baby to smile.
“I can’t disagree.” In the weeks following our arrival at Dr. Toki’s DC bunker, Baron grew close to my son. The three of us shared a room; two cots on the floor with a padded plastic box for the baby. Like all babies little Abby cried; for food, diaper changes, or just out of loneliness. Nine out of ten times, I would awaken to find Baron holding my son. Sometimes he’d walk around the small room, other times he would sit cross-legged on his bed, but every night was a different story about Noah. I learned things I knew I was never meant to know about.
In the years they spent traveling the world as renowned criminal masterminds, Noah and Baron had become more than friends. They fell in love.
“You daddy was the greatest person I ever knew,” Baron often said as he rocked my son in his arms. “He was the last person I ever truly loved.”
I listened as Baron, by the light of the moon, told my infant son stories about his many adventures with Noah and Nash. Some boarded on the obscene; drugs, weapons trafficking, and all manner of sex. He never outright said they were lovers, only that they trusted each other with their mind body and soul.
“It tears me up inside knowing he’s gone. I know this is all my fault, his blood is on my hands. We should have died together. Noah died the way he lived; with honor and integrity. But then I never would have met you.”
That was how I knew Baron could be trusted; he loved Abby with every fiber of his soul.
“Yo, Nicki,” Baron said, tapping my arm. “The plane’s empty, time to go.”
“Oh,” I took a quick breath, forcing myself back to reality.
Baron grabbed our one piece of luggage, a plain black backpack with a limited number of supplies. Axel had passed it along to us before going through security, so I had to assume it contained no weapons.
We walked down the corridor to the gate at Atlantic City international airport. “Can I hold the bag?” I asked, since he was already holding the baby.
“Sure.” Baron took off the straps and tossed me the bag. It was lighter than I thought it would be. Inside was a lot of fabric; some rolled, some folded and some pieces were clearly hiding items made of plastic or metal. I figured I shouldn’t be examining its contents right away but with the chill of the airport I wanted to see if there were any extra clothes for my baby.
No, Abby was our baby. Seeing Baron holding the child in his arms, all I could feel was love. “Oh look!” I fished out a blue, baby t-shirt with a happy dolphin. “Let’s put it on him!”
Baron did as I asked, maneuvering Abby’s wiggly little body. With his fresh new shirt, he looked like a cute little tourist baby. In fact, we looked like a typical vacationing couple traveling with their newborn.
I knew that Axel and Dr. Toki were monitoring us from the safety and comfort of an unmarked medevac vehicle somewhere within a six-mile radius. Ideally, they would follow us, observe from a distance. If and when we found Tony, we could get the hell out (to the nearest TAC bunker.) Until then Baron and I were to look for clues along the boardwalk.
“Should we get a hotel room?” I asked.
“Certain military leaders didn’t give us any money, so unless you have a credit card?”
“I could probably pick pocket one.”
“Way to blow our cover,” he said with a laugh. “Nah, we can deal with the issue of housing when we need to. With any luck Axel and Dr. Toki have plans to get us out, so we don’t have to sleep on the streets with a baby.”
We walked a further, to the land of sun, sand and casinos, stopping to rest on a bench. “Let’s see what’s in the bag.” There were more shirts, pants, a few flattened bottles to collect water, or maybe even breastmilk. I placed each of the items neatly on my lap, hoping that I would not miss anything important. However, in the end, the only item of importance was a package of baby wipes. There wasn’t even any diapers. I had to assume, if I needed to change my baby, I was meant to use the extra clothing. (Same for first aid, due to lack of bandages.) “You really don’t have any money?”
“We can always shoplift,” Baron said cheerfully as he tossed the baby in the air.
Abby squealed with joy.
I could feel my heart flutter with joy. “That’s the New Jersey spirit!”
“There has to be a Walgreens around here someplace.”
We easily found a corner store with the iconic red signage. Baron picked up a basket and headed to the food section; packaged drinks, dried cereal, candy, etc.
“What do you think happened to Anya?” I asked, following close. “Since you’re the last person who saw her.”
“She’s going after Axel,” he answered casually.
“And you’re ok with that?”
“It’s her deal, her quest or whatever.”
“Or whatever?” I asked. His tone was really starting to piss me off. Axel was my friend, a human being. But so was Anya. And that was why my soul was being torn in half.
“Anya’s going to do what she has to do but for the sake of all of us she’s going to act alone. That way the blood will be only on her hands.”
I saw his point. If and when the time came, we were under no obligation to choose sides. “How thoughtful.”
“You need any diapers?” Baron asked. He was holding an open package of men’s shaving razors. Grabbing a single replacement head, Baron somehow managed to break the plastic apart without wounding his fingertips.
I assumed he was going to cut open a package. “No, I’m good. He has on a cloth diaper and I have enough supplies to make an extra. But I could use some soap.” I grabbed a package of off brand bar soap with an image of a happy Asian baby. Ideally, I could use this for washing both skin and clothing.
After easily leaving the store with everything we needed, we ran in the direction of the beach, hoping to get lost in the crowds. Suddenly out of nowhere the sky darkened and the clouds swelled with rain. The storm came down hard and fast, transforming from freezing rain, to pin-sized hail. In the distance there seemed to be a homeless encampment. Without any words spoken, we both knew to make a run for it.
The tent city consisted of a series of tarps connecting individual homes. There were a few spots that had people huddled around campfires. Men, women and children sat wrapped in dirty, wet blankets, as they struggled to stay warm. Not wanting to take any of their limited resources we walked until we found a sparse area with just a tarp surrounded by barrels and broken pallets. The space was just enough for Baron and I to sleep side by side, resting the baby on his chest.
“Here,” he said, sliding the backpack in my direction. “You can use the bag as a pillow.”
“Thanks.” Unable to comfortably sleep I found myself staring up at the blue tarp. As my mind started to float away my mouth spewed out the words that I thought I’d never say. “What happened between you and Noah?”
“What do you mean?” Baron asked in a whisper. He knew perfectly well what I meant.
“Feng told me he gave Noah the same opportunities he gave you. Yet somehow you ended up as his right-hand man with full access to his arsenal of weapons guns and even his appointment book.”
Baron swallowed a lump in his throat. “Your point?”
“Why didn’t you convince Noah to come with you?”
Baron went silent. He held the baby close, shivering. “You don’t think I tried?” He blinked tears from his eyes.
If he’d been angry, I would have continued the conversation; I would have wanted to know why he had the right to mourn the father of my child. But Baron wasn’t angry, he was in pain. “I think we should get some sleep.”
“Yeah, totally.”
I knew better then to try to ask for my son back. Abby was an emotional support baby and Baron needed him more. I made myself comfortable on my bed of plastic and leaves, pulling the tarp over my body for warmth. “Good night.”
There was a moment of silence before we were awoken by Abby’s cries. Baron sat up, rocking the small baby, attempting to keep him warm. “I think he’s hungry.”
“Give him here.” I had gotten better at breastfeeding, but with how cold it was I would have preferred to keep as covered as possible. “Can you help me with my tarp-blanket?”
“Sure.” Baron helped cover my body, allowing the baby warmth and privacy.
“Thanks.” I looked at Baron with genuine love in my heart. “Thank you for being my friend.” I couldn’t stop the tears from falling, mixing with the freezing cold rain. “Thank you for everything.”
Baron blinked tears from his own eyes as he crossed his arms over his chest. “You really want to know what happened to Noah?”
“Yeah, I do.” I looked down at Abby, who opened his eyes as he nursed. He had Noah’s courage and strength. “I can still remember that night. Even if it was for just a moment, I felt like I had friends, a real connection. That was never something that came easy for me.” Not that it mattered. It was yet another fleeting moment of happiness in my shit-show of a life.
Baron lowered his shirt, revealing his upper chest. “Feng gave me an augmentation; I have an inorganic core made of some kind of plasma. I used to think it was radioactive but I have reason to believe it was created as a means of unlimited projectiles.”
“And it keeps you warm?” That explained why Abby loved being held by him.
“Well, the power came with a complimentary suit of armor that allowed me to be the perfect little henchman.”
“You mean body guard?”
Baron shrugged. “I assumed that was Feng’s original plan.”
I swallowed the lump in my throat, mentally preparing for the worst. “And Noah?”
“He wasn’t down for it. The only reason he surrendered to Kitsune was to allow you and Anya time to flee.”
“Oh.” I felt like my heart stopped. I should have realized it from the beginning; that was the only reason we were allowed to live, because Noah truly loved me.
“We were turned over to Feng. I could only assume she thought Feng had the ability to extract Noah’s mind; his intellect, his secrets. But he didn’t. Feng needed Noah to volunteer information.” Baron paused, blinking tears from his eyes. “That was the difference between us. My most valuable asset was my combat ability, maybe my strategy skills. All I had to do was pledge my loyalty, and wear the armor, to gain Feng’s trust. For Noah, that was asking too much. His mind contained secrets that could change the world; info that could never and would never fall in to the hands of tyrannical psychopaths.”
“And that’s why he had to die.” Since I was finished breastfeeding, I handed the now happy, content infant back to Baron.
“Although if it was up to Feng (and it was) well, you’ve seen his set up.”
“Yeah,” I said with a nod. “I’m going to see that until the day I die.”
“All of his prized victims are kept alive, conscious as their forced to exist as hood ornaments. Feng wanted them to suffer for all eternity, or until their brains turn to pea soup.”
“Now I have a craving for split pea soup.” We laughed through our tears. In truth, I couldn’t close my eyes without seeing Noah’s remains.
“You hungry?” Baron dug in his pocket, producing a smashed-up Snicker’s bar.
“We can split it.” With food in our stomachs, we fell asleep to the sound of calming rain. For the first time since he’d been born, I had a vision of my son as a full-grown man.
The sound of rain grew louder, gradually transforming to gunfire. I awoke in what appeared to be a WW2 battle scene. Thankfully I was transparent; bullets passed through me like a virtual reality game, and the area around me felt comfortably warm despite the fact I was standing in snow. In the distance I could see a man leaning on a tree.
Eyes closed, he held a cross in his hand. I watched as he kissed the rosary pendent and said a simple prayer. “Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”
As I came closer, I could see he was gripping his shoulder while doubled over in pain. That raised the question: why was he reciting the prayer of a sharpshooter?
He moved his hand to his waist, slowly retrieving a pistol. “My goodness and my fortress.” He held the gun under his chin, cocking the barrel to his throat. “My high tower and my deliverer. My shield, and he in whom I trust.”
“No!” The sound came from behind me.
I turned to see a figure wearing pink-purple armor. It was in the same style as what Baron wore. And he or she wasn’t running, they were flying.
“Abby!” A female voice cried.
I followed as fast as I could, as she rushed to the man’s side.
“Lieutenant?” The man muttered, coughing up blood.
I now had a good view of his face. It was my son and he was dying. Before I could reach out my hand, the armored woman flew through me.
She fell to her knees, ripping off her helmet to reveal a young Hispanic face framed by lots of curly black hair. “Abby, Sir, I’m here. It’s going to be ok.” She pursed her lips, smiling at him, through visible tears.
Abaddon lowered his weapon. “You need to flee.” With trembling fingers, he lifted his free hand to cup her face. It was obvious that leaving was the last thing he wanted. “This is a battle we cannot win.”
“Not alone, Sir,” the soldier replied with confidence.
Why was she calling him Sir? I could barely make out a patch on his arm. It was possible he was an officer.
The young woman lifted his arm, adjusting him over her shoulder. “I’m not leaving you behind. The nearest medic station is about six kilometers south of here. We can make it.” Before he could reply, she lifted his broken body in her arms, flying off into the night.
The world started to spin as the scene changed.
We were now in a poorly lit underground hospital. I could tell it was underground since every few seconds the room shook with the sound of gunfire and other (louder, more violent) explosions. Abby was laying on a cot with his bare chest exposed. He had several fresh bullet wounds, as well as deep scars.
The woman was by his side, having taken off her armor she rested her head by his shoulder, holding his hand. “Why do you call me by my rank?”
“What should I call you?”
“My name is Sundra, but my friends call me Sunny.”
“Is that because you sparkle like sunshine?” he asked with a subtle smile. Abby moved his free hand to her cheek, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “You don’t have to stay, Sunny.”
“I want to stay. Call it my street gang code of honor; a little something, I picked up from my grandma.” She turned her wrist to reveal a tattoo. It was a stylized diamond with the words, ‘Lucy in the sky.’ Sunny started to softly hum the melody of the famous rock song. “Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Sorry, the title is the only part I know.” She kissed Abby on the forehead. “My papa’s name was Denny. He was the first of my family line born in America. You really remind me of him.”
A gang member named Lucy with a son named Denny? That couldn’t be a coincidence. I moved closer, to get a better look at her face.
She kissed Abby down his nose to his lips.
There were tears in his eyes. “I’ll never forget you.”
Sunny turned, briefly glancing in my direction. “Do you think she’s here, in the room?”
“I know she is,” Abby replied, looking up at the ceiling. “Even as a child, I could always feel my mother’s spirit watching over me.”
“Can she hear us?” Sunny asked, still looking in my path but not actually at me.
“If the calculations and the technology are correct.”
“Do you think she can save us?” Her large, emotional eyes, blinked back tears. With every blink she started to disappear, vanishing from reality like a spirit lost to time. When Sunny was completely gone, all that was left was my adult son. His arms were wrapped around the empty space.
All around me I could hear sobbing. I assumed this meant I was going to wake up. My baby son was probably crying for food or maybe because of the cold: but I was going to wake up. Right? I wanted so badly to wake up. Wake up! Wake up!
I felt a sharp pain. I awoke with a jolt under the tarp, to the collapsing of our little shelter. Touching my hip, I felt blood and splinters. All around me all I could see was tarp. I wanted to scream. Where was my son? Where was Baron?
I needed to calm down; breathe, just breathe. I opened my hands, placing them palms down as if I was going to attempt a snow angel. There was a secret, a lock. There had to be. I felt a strange crack in the pavement. Digging my fingertips in, the piece seemed to transform into a handle (or a lever.) Even if it was just a hand hold, it would be my ticket out of the tarp since I could use it to keep myself grounded in place (as opposed to flopping around like a dying fish.) Turns out, it was a handle. I found myself falling down a slide. At the bottom I finally managed to get free of the tarp.
Baron was sitting in a dark corner with a finger to his lips. “Shh, follow me. This is a mezzanine level.” He motioned towards what looked like a second series of tunnels. “I’m not sure how deep it goes. We’re not going to slide: we’re going to crawl. I’ll go first and you follow close. Do not lose sight of me. Understand?”
“Are you holding the baby?”
Baron nodded. “If shit goes bad, I want you to find my body. I’ll protect him with everything I have.”
I knew what he meant, and trusted him fully, but I was still afraid. “You’re a better fighter than me.”
“Yeah, that’s why I’m going to hold the baby.”
Baron and I snuck down the tunnels, we emerged in an underground factory facility. “What is this place?”
“Trash processing facility,” Baron replied. “You head left I’ll head right.”
“Sure, I guess.” I went left until I saw what appeared to be a light source.
I passed between several cargo boxes, emerging in an open area. There was a series of large vats, bubbling with hot oil or (more likely) acid. “Acid?” I had never seen acid before but the scene looked like something out of a comic book.
“It is acid,” said a voice from a nearby balcony. “the typical use is to process heavy metals and other non-recyclable materials.”
“Faust?” I couldn’t actually see his location.
“Today we’re disposing of inorganic material of a different kind.” He hit a button causing a limp body to start to descend. It was clearly Tony, but I couldn’t tell if he was even alive. “Are you willing to make a deal; trade his life for the contents of the battery?”
“I don’t even know if the copy I have is real.” And there was also the fact that the infamous flash drive was in a van, in the care of Axel and Dr. Toki.
“The one that Baron put on the dark web? Trust me it’s the real deal.”
“So, what’s on it?” I blurted out the words, although I wasn’t expecting any kind of logical answer.
The man snickered. “Does it matter?”
“Yeah, kind of.”
“Look, do you want to know my entire evil plan or will you be a good girl and save your beloved boyfriend’s life?”
I looked over at Tony. I had no way of helping him. If he was still alive, he was more then capable of saving himself. I had to believe that. “Is it time travel?”
“What?” Faust asked with a laugh. “Seriously, what did you just say?” With a flash of light, Faust teleported, placing himself in front of me. He stood tall, in a tailored suit, staring me down with his creepy metallic eyes. “Answer me, little girl.”
Why did he look so much like the adult version of my son? Because he was a shape shifter? Or was there something else? “Time travel?”
The once stern man cracked a smile. “Time travel is the stuff of movies and fairytales. The contents of the battery will bring this world to its knees.”
“Yeah, I’ve heard.” I blinked my eyes as the pieces fell into place. There was a reason why my son had been able to communicate with me so clearly through dreams. “Selective telepathic time travel.”
Faust was no longer smiling. “Would you prefer that power fall to the hands of Kitsune? She and her brother, they’d use it to cause a gang war; an apocalypse of weapons and drugs. You wouldn’t want that blood on your hands.”
We he seriously trying to appeal to my humanity? “What about you? What’s your plan, to go back in time to give Hitler a migraine?” I knew what his plan was. Or at least I think I did. There was something about Lucy or maybe Denny. What I knew for certain was that the final goal was Sunny; her existence held the key.
“You’re not alone, are you? Such a pity.” Faust teleported off, in a blast of blue light.
I already knew where he was going and there was nothing I could do. Faust landed on top of Baron as he attempted to free Tony’s body. Both men were knocked in to the acid. There was no sound; no screams, or even cries.
Where was my baby?
Faust teleported in front of me, holding my son in his arms. “You might not have been willing to save your boyfriend, but perhaps you will be willing to trade for your child.”
My back hurt, my arms hurt and my head was pounding, but I ran straight at him, charging like a football player going in for a tackle.
I was blinded by a familiar blue light. We had teleported, but to where? I could hear Abby crying. He was alive and that’s all that mattered. I blinked my eyes once then twice.
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Diamond Casino Guide

Diamond Casino Guide:
So you decided that you wanna rob a casino, great! The Diamond Casino Heist is one of the best ways to earn money, but you're wondering, how do I get started? Well you're in luck! This guide is going to teach you the ways to get the best out of the Diamond Casino Heist!
Step 1: Arcade
Alright to get started, you’re going to have to own an arcade. Now, it may seem better to go for the arcades on the top of the map to save yourself some cash, however this will make all the preps much harder, as most of them take place in LS or Sandy Shores.
The best arcade locations are 8-bit ($2,530,000, located in Vinewood) and Videogeddon ($1,875,000, La Mesa). When buying your arcade, none of the upgrades are necessary, as most of them are cosmetic. You’ll have to complete a quick arcade setup mission to access the basement where the diamond casino heist planning board is located.
Step 1.5: Arcade Income
While this isn’t related to the diamond casino heist, I thought I would put this in there. The arcade generates income based on how many games you have, going up to 5k per in-game day (48 min). The game doesn't matter, so you can just buy the cheapest one (Monkey’s Paradise, $90,000) and fill up your arcade with it.
Step 2: Scope out casino
After you’ve finished watching Lester scribble a big mess over the whiteboard, you’ll be able to start the casino heist. Normally, you’ll have to pay a setup cost of 25k, but since it’s your first time doing it, it’ll be free. After you’ve confirmed that you want to start the casino heist, you’ll need to finish the scope out mission. For the scope out mission, you’ll need to take a variety of pictures for lester in order to unlock entrances for the heist. A full guide is linked here but I’ll sum up the most important ones.
You’ll only need to do this mission once, and it will be completed for all future casino heists.
Step 3: Vault Contents
The vault contents mission is pretty easy. You’ll be given the rough location of a duggan security guard, once you find him, you can either hack him, which can take some time but you won’t get the cops on you if you do it right, or you can kill him and grab the phone, which will save you some time but you’ll need to lose the cops before you can enter the casino.
After you’ve entered the casino, you’ll need to bring out the sightseer app on your phone to find a wifi signal. After you’ve located the wifi signal, you’ll need to figure out the vault contents. Beware that you only have a limited time to do this (2 min).
Since it’s probably your first time, I would recommend that you go through every camera to scope out each POI. The target will be cash since it’s your first time, which has a payout of 2.1 mil on normal. The first time will always be cash (payout of $2,115,000 on normal), but if it’s not your first time, the targets can be either cash, artwork (payout of $2,350,000 on normal) or gold (payout of $2,585,000 on normal).
There is a 4th target, which is diamonds (payout of $3,257,100 on normal) however this vault content is only available for special occasions and has been removed from the vault contents.
If you do the heist on hard by doing the same approach after you’ve done another one, the payout will be 10% larger. If you’ve completed all 3 approaches to the heist, you can cancel the heist which can be helpful if you’ve got a bad target. Link to this is here.
Step 4: Selecting your approach
Once you’ve finished the vault contents mission, you’ll be able to select your approach.
There are 3 approaches to the diamond casino heist. Silent and Sneaky, The Big Con and Aggressive.
For beginners, I would recommend alternating between Big Con and Aggressive, because those are the easiest ones. For Big Con, choose the Gruppe Sechs disguise for the easiest entry. Aggressive is good for newer players however it does end up in a lot of money loss. After you’ve got the gist of it, alternate to doing Silent and Sneaky in place of aggressive for a bigger payout.
Step 5: Selecting your support crew
After you’ve selected your approach, you’ll need to select your support crew before you can do any of the prep missions.
Selecting your support crew is very simple. You’ll need a gunman to source guns, a driver to source cars and a hacker to delay the nerve agent inside the vault.
Selecting your support crew depends on the approach and target in the vault. For Big Con, SnS, any any target EXCEPT for art, you’ll want the worst gunman (Karl Abolaji, take his Micro SMG on big con, heavy revolver on aggressive and on SnS the choice is up to you), the worst driver (Karim Denz, take his sentinel classic) and the best hacker available to you, for most people, this will be Paige Harris (unlocked when the terrorbyte is purchased, gives 3:25 in the vault when undetected and 2:23 detected).
For aggressive, you’ll still want to have the worst driver and best hacker, however the gunman is up to you since you’ll be using guns a lot. I normally go with Charlie Reed (unlocked when purchasing a hangar), he takes a 7% cut (2% more than Karl) and gives you an assault smg, however you can get by with Karl, as every gunman gives you a SMG to go along with another weapon, which is still a perfectly fine weapon.
For Big Con, SnS and the target is Art, if you and your heist partner can both hack very well, you can get by with Yohan Blair (takes a 5% cut and gives you 2:51 in the vault if you are undetected and 2:01 if you are).
Step 5.5: Secret heist crew members
There are 2 hidden heist crew members that can’t be unlocked by purchasing a business like most heist crew members. There 2 are Patrick McReary and Avi Schwartzman. Patrick McReary is a gunman who takes an 8% cut and gives the choice a Combat MG or an Assault Shotgun in aggressive. Avi Schwartzman is a hacker that takes a 10% cut and gives 3:30 undetected in the vault and gives 2:22 if you are detected. To unlock Patrick, he spawns as a random event around the map. He spawns in a police car that you will need to hijack. A guide is linked here. To unlock Avi, you’ll need to destroy 50 signal jammers that are located around the map. A guide is linked here.
Step 6: Prep Missions
Now that you’ve selected your support crew, you’ll be presented with a plethora of prep missions. Some mandatory and some optional. To complete these missions, I suggest that you use a Kuruma, Buzzard or Oppressor Mk2 to make your life easier. In some prep missions, you will not be able to call lester, so be prepared. All of the missions can be done solo but it makes it easier if you have a friend with you to help you out.
Now onto the optional prep missions. Optional prep missions, are, as the name suggests, optional. The optional prep you should do depends on the approach. If you own a penthouse and have completed all of the missions, you will gain access to the security intel mission. It’s very easy to complete and you will only need to do it once. A nice trick is that the gauntlet actually spawns when you start the mission, not when the cutscene is triggered, so you can just shoot the driver and take the gauntlet. A guide will be linked below.
Let’s start with Silent and Sneaky. For Silent and Sneaky, the optional prep missions depend on your skill level. If you’re an experienced player, you don’t need to do much, only level 2 security passes. Power drills you can do if you think you have enough time. However if you are a very new player, I’d recommend that you do patrol routes, duggan shipments (you only need to destroy 3 to get rid of their bulletproof helmets), level 2 security passes, emp device and infiltration suits and power drills if you think you have enough time. If you do all these, the heist should be a breeze.
Going onto the Big Con, if you’re doing Gruppe Sechs, you don't need to do much. You only need to go through one door if you exit out the staff door, so you can decide if you want to do level 2 security passes or not. Patrol routes do make things easier, however are not necessary. Again, only do power drills if you think you have enough time. Make sure you do exit disguises. Noose and firefighter are exactly the same, so do firefighters since it has the easier mission.
For aggressive, again, patrol routes make it easier, but are never necessary. Make sure to do duggan shipments. You can solo it, but it will be much easier with another person. If you don’t get them all you can just close the game and you’ll be able to do the mission again. Reinforced armour allows you to take more damage, so I would recommend it even if it makes you slower. Be sure to also do boring machine as it allows you to enter through the sewers. Make sure to also do level 2 security passes unless you really like hacking doors.
Step 7: Finding people to play with
Now that you’ve completed all your required prep missions, you need some people to play with. If you don’t have any friends to play with, I recommend checking out HeistTeams or the GTAO Discord LFG Channels to find people to play with. Make sure to have good communication between your teammates otherwise the heist will be in chaos.
Step 8: Completing the heist
Now that you’ve got a solid heist crew waiting to grab all of that sweet loot out of the casino’s vault, you’ll be able to start the heist. If you're doing aggressive, the plan is pretty simple, shoot your way in, grab the loot, then shoot your way out. The easiest entry for aggressive is sewers, and the easiest exit is the eastern roof terrace. If you exit through the staff lobby, you’ll get shot a ton when going over the racetrack, however if you exit through the roof terrace, you can shoot the guys behind the stones on the racetrack then safely parachute down.
For The Big Con, I’m going to assume you’re doing the Gruppe Sechs approach. By doing the Gruppe Sechs approach, you can pretty much waltz into the vault and back out of it, just be careful that this has some limitations. When going back up the stairwell/elevator to the casino access floor, the guards will have checked the vault and know it’s been robbed, so you disguise ain't gonna work anymore. I strongly suggest getting exit disguises, as they will greatly help your escape. The easiest exit for this is the staff lobby.
For SnS, I’m not really going to go into too much detail here because there’s a full video linked below. What I will talk about is when to use the emp (If you did the prep mission). I recommend emp’ing when you’re at the vault access floor, allowing you to waltz into the mantrap, or when you're coming back up to the casino access floor and are in the mantrap.. Be warned that if you decide to get the daily vault when you trigger the emp, the emp’s timer will run out before you can get to your exit, so plan ahead. The easiest entrance for this is the staff lobby and the easiest exit is also the staff lobby.
Tips and tricks to complete the heist
Useful media
Special thanks to:
u/Pepperooney_ for adding a bunch of info on the tips and tricks section
u/what_it_dooo for suggesting the roof terrace and the hacking device trick
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A list of some surprising good fantasy books involving pirates.

Perhaps nowhere does storytelling so totally reverse reality as when it deals with pirates. It’s difficult not to like swashbuckling rogues tweaking the noses of the uptight British ninnies as they ply their brave way across the wild, lusty seas.
Of course, actual pirates were about as romantic as the tortures they would inflict on prisoners, including holding lighted matches to the victim’s eyes or keel-hauling, where a sailor had a rope tied to each arm and thrown off the bow of a ship. The unfortunate was then dragged along the length of ship, scraping against the sharp barnacles and probably drowning.
Fun fact: “Avast!” means “Stop!” or “Stand still!” not “Hello, fellow pirate!”

21. Corsair by Chris Bunch – 2001

Swashbuckling captain Gareth Radnor has taken command of the Steadfast. But the young captain intends more than seeking his fortune. He wants vengeance against the Linyati slavers who murdered his family. Crewed by a motley band of adventurers, his carrack plunges through the salty waves, striking at the Linyati wherever it can.
And then he discovers something more compelling even than revenge: The Linyati aren’t human…
“Hard edged, salty… a fantasy adventure that will keep you up at night reading.”
—Terry Brooks, author of the Shannara series

20. The Mark of Ran by Paul Kearne – 2004

Book 1 of 2 in The Sea Beggars Series
In a world abandoned by its Creator, an ancient race once existed, with powers so extensive that they were seen as both angles and demons. Rol Cortishane was raised in a remote fishing village, ignorant that the blood of this long-forgotten race runs in his veins. Driven from home, Rol is trained in the assassin’s craft and tutored by the beautiful but troubled Rowen. Now they’ve set their sights across the sea in search of the Hidden City and an adventure that will make them legends, if it doesn’t kill them first.
In the non-fantasy world, the Sea Beggars (the name of this series) really existed. They were a confederacy of Dutch nobles, who, from 1566, opposed Spanish rule in the Netherlands. They arrived in large numbers to complain to the king, but some wit told the ruling Spanish regent not to worry, for the large group was “only beggars.” The angry group of nobles did not forget the appellation and henceforth called themselves the Beggars. The most successful Beggars operated at sea (i.e., were pirates) and were known as the Sea Beggars.

19. Of Shadow and Sea by Will Wight – 2015

Book 1 of 2 in The Elder Empire Series
The Guild of Navigators (i.e., swindlers and pirates) has been paid a fortune to secure the Heart, a cursed artifact that will give wild power to its bearer. The Guild’s only lord is greed, their only loyalty to gold, and they would sell the Empire’s freedom for the promise of a quick coin.
Author Will Wight is well regarded for his likable characters and irreverent tone. Most epic fantasies tend to be high-minded and serious, but Wight has a decidedly more down-to-earth approach.

18. Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton – 2009

I’m not a giant Michael Crichton fan. Generally, I think his ideas and research are more interesting than the actual books he creates. This one’s fun, though.
This book was unknown until after Crichton’s death—his assistant found it on a computer. However, there’s evidence Crichton was working on it, on and off, since the 1970s.
Pirate Latitudes is a caper novel set in the high seas with a strong regard to the reality of the times. Because of this, it probably doesn’t belong in a fantasy list like this one. However, it’s a damn fine pirate tale, and that’s good enough for me.
The Historical Novel Society notes: “Crichton’s portrayal of Port Royal and its inhabitants is far more grounded in reality than Disney’s portrayal. Crichton does not gloss over the slavery, addiction and brutality of colonial Jamaica, nor does he endow his characters with abilities beyond their training or station in life.”
So don’t expect Jack Sparrow.

17. The Fox by Sherwood Smith – 2007

Book 2 of 4 in the Inda Series
You might want to read the first book in the series, Inda, before diving into this one.
Young prince and military genius Inda, forced to turn mercenary after conspirators engineered his exile from Choraed Elgaer, is gathering allies for a sea campaign against the piratical Brotherhood. But Inda’s attention soon shifts toward the ambitious Venn Empire, which wants to use him as a political pawn.
The hardcover version of this book is significantly cheaper than the paperback. Go figure.
“[L]ively… spare yet complex characterizations and a narrative that balances sweeping action and uneasy intimacy.”
—Publishers Weekly

16. Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding – 2011

Book 1 of 3 in the Tales of the Ketty Jay Series
This is magical steampunk, so it’s a little nuts. I mean that as a compliment.
Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are all running from something. Crake is a daemonist in hiding, traveling with an armored golem and burdened by guilt. Jez is the new navigator, desperate to keep her secret from the rest of the crew. Malvery is a disgraced doctor, drinking himself to death. So when an opportunity arises to steal a chest of gems from a vulnerable airship, Frey can’t pass it up. It’s an easy take—and the payoff will finally make him a rich man.
But when the attack goes horribly wrong, Frey suddenly finds himself the most wanted man in Vardia, trailed by bounty hunters, the elite Century Knights, and the dread queen of the skies, Trinica Dracken. Frey realizes that they’ve been set up to take a fall but doesn’t know the endgame. And the ultimate answer for captain and crew may lie in the legendary hidden pirate town of Retribution Falls. That’s if they can get there without getting blown out of the sky.
“Beautifully crafted prose and some remarkably imaginative scenes…and Wooding’s sprawling, multifaceted world and rough-and-tumble action will delight steampunk fans.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

15. The King’s Buccaneer by Raymond E. Feist – 1992

Book 5 of the Riftwar Cycle
Long recovered from the ravages of the Riftwar, the land and people of the kingdom of the Isles thrive. Nicholas, the youngest son of Prince Arutha, is intelligent and gifted but vastly inexperienced. In hopes of hardening him, his father sends him and his irreverent squire, Harry, to live at rustic Castle Crydee to learn of life beyond the halls of privilege. But within weeks of Nicholas and Harry’s arrival, Crydee is viciously attacked by unknown assailants, resulting in murder, massive destruction, and the abduction of two young noblewomen. The raiders have come from a pirate haven and are no ordinary foe, while an enemy connected to dark magical forces threaten the lands Nicholas will someday rule—if he survives.
“Feist once again delivers a superior, rousing adventure.”
—Publishers Weekly

14. The Pyrates by George MacDonald Fraser – 1983

The Pyrates is satire, send-up, and love-letter to what swashbucklers have become. It’s a Naked Gun take on Errol Flynn pirates. If you don’t know what “Naked Gun” or “Errol Flynn” is then I envy you because you’re about to discover some great stuff.

13. Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson – 2008

Book 1 of 3 in the Isle Chronicles
Captain Declan Ross searched for riches that will free him and his headstrong daughter, Anne, from the piracy business forever. Bartholomew Thorne, an infamously ruthless pirate, seeks to destroy Ross and any who stand in his way of the legendary treasure hidden by a mysterious order of monks.
Despite featuring a scene where a monk gets skinned alive, this book won a “Mom’s Choice Award” for family-friendly entertainment. Depends on the family, I guess.

12. Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch – 2007

Book 2 of 3 in the Gentlemen Bastards Series
Initially poised to rob the Sinspire, the notoriously thief-proof casino where the penalty for cheating is death, Locke and his partner, Jean, are unwillingly sidetracked into joining and then leading a pirate crew, swindling their way across the sea as they had previously done on land.
“[C]harming, unpredictable and fast on its feet and stands surprisingly well on its own given its convoluted plot.”
—Publishers Weekly

11. Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe – 2007

Fresh from the monastery, the former novice finds himself inexplicably transported back to the Golden Age of Piracy, where an unexpected new life awaits him. At first, he resists joining the notorious Brethren of the Coast, but he soon embraces the life of a buccaneer, even as he succumbs to the seductive charms of a beautiful and enigmatic señorita. As the captain of his own possibly cursed ship, he plunders the West Indies in search of Spanish gold. From the stormy waters of the Caribbean to steamy tropical jungles, Captain Chris finds danger, passion, adventure, and treachery as he hoists the black flag and sets sail for the Spanish mainland.
Where he will finally come to port only God knows…
“Wolfe…[fills] his story with duels, treachery, ship-to-ship combat and an abundance of accurate period detail.”
—Publishers Weekly

10. The Red Wolf Conspiracy by Robert V. S. Redick – 2008

Book 1 of 4 in the Cathrand Voyage Series
Six hundred years old, the Imperial merchant ship Chathrand is a massive floating outpost of the Empire of Arqual. And it is on its most vital mission yet: to deliver a young woman whose marriage will seal the peace between Arqual and its mortal enemy, the Mzithrin Empire. But Thasha, the young noblewoman in question, may be bringing her swords to the altar.
For the ship’s true mission is not peace but war—a war that threatens to rekindle an ancient power long thought lost. As the Chathrand navigates treacherous waters, Thasha must seek unlikely allies—including a magic-cursed deckhand, a stowaway tribe of foot-high warriors, and a singularly heroic rat—and enter a treacherous web of intrigue to uncover the secret of the legendary Red Wolf.
“Insane god-kings, miniature warriors and sentient animals fight over a powerful ancient artifact in Redick’s dramatic, complex debut… Both adult and young adult readers will find much to enjoy in this tale of sea-faring and bloody diplomacy.”
—Publishers Weekly

9. Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini – 1922

Book 1 of 3 in the Captain Blood Series
This book is a little more subtle than its title would suggest.
Dr. Peter Blood, is an Irish physician who was once a sailor and a soldier. In the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion, Dr. Blood is arrested for treason. While he did not actually participate in the rebellion, rather he aided a wounded rebel, he is tried and convicted nonetheless. The sentence for treason is death, but King James II has the sentence commuted and instead sells Captain Blood and his fellow rebels into slavery.
“Glorious… I never enjoyed a novel more than Captain Blood.”
—Norman Mailer

8. The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clark – 2012

Book 1 of 2 in The Assassin’s Curse Series
Ananna abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to an allying pirate clan. She wants to captain her own boat, not serve as second-in-command to her handsome yet clueless fiancé. But her escape has dire consequences when she learns the scorned clan has sent an assassin after her.
And when the assassin Naji finally catches up with her, things get even worse. Ananna inadvertently triggers a nasty curse—with a life-altering result. Now Ananna and Naji are forced to become uneasy allies as they work together to break the curse and return their lives back to normal. Or at least as normal as the lives of a pirate and an assassin can be.
“Clarke’s debut harkens back to the best in fantasy/adventure, offering rock-solid worldbuilding, satisfyingly perilous obstacles and a protagonist whose charismatic ’tude goes way beyond spunk. Ananna’s voice grabs readers from the beginning…and doesn’t let go.”
—Kirkus (starred review)

7. Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb – 1998

Book 1 of 3 in The Liveship Traders Series
Bingtown is a hub of exotic trade and home to a merchant nobility famed for its liveships—rare vessels carved from wizardwood, which ripens magically into sentient awareness. Now the fortunes of one of Bingtown’s oldest families rest on the newly awakened liveship, Vivacia.
For Althea Vestrit, the ship is her rightful legacy. But the fate of Althea and the ship may ultimately lie in the hands of a ruthless buccaneer who plans to seize power over the Pirate Isles by capturing a liveship and bending it to his will.

6. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne – 1870

While his description of this new thing called a “submarine” is fun even for modern readers, it’s the brilliant but tortured Captain Nemo who steals the show as one of, if not the, best pirate in English literature.

5. The Walrus & the Warwolf by Hugh Cook – 1988

Book 4 of 6 in the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness Series
On his 16th birthday, churlish Drake Douay finds himself exiled from his homeland amid a treacherous crew of pirates on the open sea. Through battles with sea monsters, mysterious cults, weird technology of a bygone age, and the warring gangs of two pirate lords, Drake explores a world of dark fantasy and betrayal with his keen wit and a sharp sword—his only protection from an early death.
Readers are usually divided: this is either one of their favorite books, or the long litany of adventures becomes boring after a while.

4. Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed – 2012

Book 1 in the Crescent Moon Kingdoms Series
A finalist for the Hugo, Nebula, Crawford, Gemmell, and British Fantasy Awards, and the winner of the Locus Award for Best First Novel.
The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, home to djenn and ghuls, holy warriors and heretics, are at the boiling point of a power struggle between the iron-fisted Khalif and the mysterious master thief known as the Falcon Prince. In the midst of this brewing rebellion, a series of brutal supernatural murders strikes at the heart of the Kingdoms. But these killings are only the earliest signs of a plot for the Throne of the Crescent Moon that threatens to turn the great city of Dhamsawwaat, and the world itself, into a blood-soaked ruin.
“Ahmed’s debut masterfully paints a world both bright and terrible.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

3. Mad Kestrel by Misty Massey – 2008

In a world where infants with magical powers are torn from their parents to be raised by the mysterious and powerful Danisoba, who have a monopoly on magic, Kestrel has managed to keep her abilities concealed—and herself free. First hiding in back alleys as a street urchin, she hid when they killed her parents, and then served as a young tavern maid before escaping to sea, where magic is cancelled by water.
Now an adult, and the quartermaster of a pirate ship, Kestrel loves the freedom of living on the seas. But her way of life could end if anyone on board learns her closely guarded secret—that she has magical control over the wind.
One day a black ship appears, and her life changes. Its captain is a handsome rogue of whom Kestrel is strangely, constantly aware. When Kestrel’s captain is led into a trap and is arrested, she gathers her crew and sets sail in relentless pursuit…
“This rollicking debut combines swashbuckling sea adventure, fantasy and romance with great success.”
—Publishers Weekly

2. Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie – 1904

Sure, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are great, but it’s the enmity of the pirate Captain Hook that makes this story exciting.

1. On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers – 1987

This is the inspiration of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it’s different in many ways and stands well on its own.
Puppeteer John Chandagnac, bound for Jamaica to recover stolen money from his uncle, becomes Jack Shandy after pirates attack his ship and force him to join their crew. Shandy’s struggle to accept his new life grounds the story for readers, even as Blackbeard and vodun magicians whisk everyone away to dreamlike lands where the Fountain of Youth itself awaits.
“Powers writes action and adventure that Indiana Jones could only dream of.”
—Washington Post
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A list of ideas for Jailbreak that I made instead of doing homework. What do you think?

Role ideas:
Citizen — You spawn into the game with your own house that you can customize (there is some benefit to adding things to your house but i haven’t thought of it yet, also everything added to your house can be robbed by criminals) cops can see your position as well as criminals on the map. You need to follow every law. If you get caught committing a crime (like, you can commit crimes all you want as long as you don’t get caught. You can rob banks and jewelry stores but can’t start the robbery because of the message that you started a robbery. You can’t rob gas station and other small stores and if anyone trips the alarm in museum you will be caught. On other robberies like trains you won’t get caught. ATMs don’t give police notifications so your safe there too. In the factory you will be safe as long as the police don’t see you. After committing a crime police can’t arrest you unless you were caught. If you are caught committing a crime you will automatically switch to criminal. If you get away with a crime and are not caught you will still be considered a citizen and will be viewed as innocent/you can’t get arrested or killed by cops. Upon death you will respawn in your home. If you pickpocket a police officer they won’t know and you’ll still be innocent. If you buy guns the police won’t be notified but if you buy explosives they will. You can only use cars that belong to you or you will be caught. The citizen team color is green. If a citizen kills someone they won’t be caught but if a police is within 50 studs of the murder they will be caught.
Mafia — The role won’t appear on your role selection screen unless you buy it for 450 robux. With this role you will spawn in the mafia base which includes 5 prison cells that do not open (there are ways to escape. If a prisoner escapes the mafia cages the mafia will be notified. If you are in the cage you will be tagged as a prisoner regardless of previous role. When you escape you’ll return to your previous role.) Mafia members can fill these cells by arresting criminals and citizens and prisoners. Mafia can only arrest criminals within 2 minutes after they commit a crime and can only arrest prisoners if the prisoner is carrying any contraband. They can only arrest citizens who have weapons on them. Mafia will be notified of everyone’s position at all time, except for police. Mafia spawn with the following in their inventory: Tommy gun Handcuffs Alternative key card (don’t know a name for it yet. Can be stolen. Grants access to the mafia base.) Mafia members are able to commit crimes. They can only be arrested within 2 minutes of committing a crime unless they are caught in the act, if they are caught committing the crime they can be arrested within 5 minutes of the crime. They are not visible to anyone on any maps. The only people who can see them on the map are other mafia members. There are two mafia bases. Both have 5 cells (so 10 cells total) if all cells are full handcuffs will stop working. When you arrest a player while all cells are full the player will be free and the mafia member will receive a notification that all cells are full. You wont take damage or anything like a cop would unless the player is innocen/does not fit the criteria for an arrest. The first mafia base (the main one) consists of a mafia armory granting access to 2 extra guns, the mafia car (similar to the wraith in terms of being a car with a gun turret, but better and noticeably different. It can hold 4 players. A driver, one in the front passenger seat, one in the gun turret, which is placed off to the side, and comes out of the back left passenger, and one in the back right passenger.) There is also a mafia outfit which is optional to wear. It includes a shirt, pants, a fedora, and one other clothing piece. The second mafia base includes five cells, a mafia armory, a collector, a garage, and a spot to dress out. Unlike normal prisoners, prisoners to the mafia will not be put in prison outfits and will keep the clothes on they had during the arrest. Each mafia cell had a different creative way to escape but the doors to the cell don’t open without a key. The cells escape methods include:
1. Digging your way out with a spoon (the spoon is under the prison bed. you can then stand in the center and click. 100 clicks will get you out.) 2. Breaking out from the wall (the wall is weak and will collapse when you run into it.) 3. Smashing the wall (a hammer is located under the sink. Smash the wall and it will break.) 4. The tunnels (if you hold E on the toilet it will be picked up and moved. Under the toilet there is a tunnel that will lead you out. 5. Crawling out (there’s a small hole in the wall under the bed you can crawl out through) 6. The window (theres a window. punch it then crawl out through it) 7. jumping (there’s a hole in the roof if you jump properly you’ll get out.) 8. Pulling the bars (the bars are weak enough you can pull them apart by pressing and holding E. then you just walk out.) 9. blowing it up (explode the back wall same way as in prison) 10. Making a call (find the phone in the sink and make a phone call wait thirty seconds and someone on the other side will blow it up.) 
Each cell has a different method. You can also get let out by someone with a key. The mafia team color is matte black. As mafia every vehicle you get in defaults to a red and black color scheme unless you have mobile garage but you can change that in the garage.
Superhero/supervillain — This role only appears for you in the role selection screen if you pay 500 robux for it. The superhero role spawns you in the superhero base which is placed on a tall hill on the edge of the main island. inside the superhero base there is a jet that you will be given for free with the game pass. You will also receive a bat mobile looking car with a gun turret controlled by the driver. Superheroes spawn with nothing in their inventory. Inside the base there is a superhero armory with different super suits. This is where you get your powers. The suits don’t have names, and you don’t need to get the suits on if you don’t want. you’ll get the powers from standing on the platform in front of the suit. A tube will come down and surround you for a second. You will be lifted off the ground. after a second the tube will go back into the roof and you will have your powers. If you want the suit you can still click on it though. You can only have one power at a time. The different powers include:
1. Super speed, fast enough to walk on water while sprinting. 2. Invisibility. To activate, just hold the superpower button (not sure which one it is but it’s one of the easy to reach unused buttons.) 3. Flight. It only lasts for so long though. To use double jump. 4. Later vision. To use, press the power button. 5. Fire. Throws a massive fire ball at the direction you want. Press the superpower button to get a fireball then aim it the same way you do a gun. Click to throw. Double press the superpower button to engulf yourself in flames, damaging everyone you run into and leaving a flaming trail where you run. 6. Ice. Let’s you throw shards of ice same way as fire. Double jump to create an ice path allowing you to walk on air and water. 7. Teleportation. Press the power button then a yellow circle will appear around you. You can teleport anywhere in the yellow circle. 8. Electricity. Travel through power lines and telephone lines. Turn off electricity at will. This includes security during robberies. The electric shut down lasts 5 seconds and has a really long cool down. 
Superheroes can commit crimes to become super villains. Supervillains have all the same traits as criminals except they have powers. In the supervillain base where they spawn, there is all the same stuff as a criminal base but it also gives you dark versions of the super suits as well as all the same superpowers. Supervillains also get the jet and the car still. If killed by a superhero you will be automatically arrested and if killed by a villain nothing happens. If a villain is arrested they lose all their powers. Same thing happens when killed. This goes for heroes too. Superhero team color is yellow supervillains are purple. Supervillain bass is located underground in an island separate from the rest of the map. In the center of the base there is a bomb. If you press and hold E on it for 0.5 seconds it opens a menu allowing you to drop the bomb on any part of the map. You do not get to see if anyone is there though. The bomb will deal damage to everyone in the area regardless of team. Heroes can damage prisoners and criminals and mafia. Villains can damage police and citizens. Only villains can access the villain base and only heroes can access the hero base.
[This one is a sort of bad idea but whatever] Military — Military spawn in the military base on the jungle island. They have access to 5 different military uniforms. 4 are camo. They spawn with 2 different exclusive military guns and have access to 5 more in the armory. These include:
AR (spawned with) Sniper Alt. shotgun Mini gun Alt pistol (spawned with) Grenade launcher Air strike (same as villain’s bomb but you can carry it around. It has a 3 minute cool down and the area you can strike is the 2x same size as the part of the bank that you earn money in. They also receive 3 free vehicles: Tank (carries 3 players. Driver, passenger, and cannon person. The cannon can deal enough damage to kill a player and leaves behind fire. The one manning the turret pays for explosives. You get 3 explosives before you have to pay $5000 for more.) Army truck (same as normal truck but it carries up to 12 people) Military ship (smaller version of warships. holds 5 players. Driver passenger and 3 people to man 3 turrets.) The military can kill criminals and villains. Upon getting killed by military you will respawn in prison and military takes your bounty. Military color is dark green.
Car dealership— The cars outside are worth nothing, they are just normal cars that you can buy. On the inside of the car dealership there is a collection of cars, behind security lasers and such. The cars there are completely random. Each time you will be faced with different random cars. All the cars though, Are cars that can be bought in the game. You have to pick one car. The more expensive in game the better. When you pick the car, you are able to drive it, it doesn’t matter if you own the car or not you can drive it during a robbery. Once you have it, you need to drive it out of the dealership. You need to avoid security lasers because every time you run into one the value of the car decreases. You also need to follow road laws because every time you crash the value decreases. As soon as you exit the dealership with the car the police are notified (this means you cannot rob it as a citizen.) and they will also be aware of your exact location until you deliver the car to the collector in the criminal base. As a citizen you can still rob the dealership as long as you stay in the passenger seat. As a passenger in a robbery you will receive 1/2 the amount the driver gets. To determine the amount you earn from the robbery, you will receive 1/5 the price of the car -1/10 the original earnings for every crash. So if you’re stealing a lambo, you will earn 20,000 for the robbery, but every crash would cost you 2,000. Due to the placement of the lasers it’s nearly impossible not to crash at least twice so don’t get your hopes up about earning the full amount of the car. The more expensive the car is the rarer it will appear so don’t plan on stealing a lambo every time. To complete the robbery you need to deliver the car to the collector at your mafia base or criminal base (supervillain base isn’t car accessible and has no collector.)
ATM — There are ATMS scattered around the map. 7 in the city, 8 in the rest of the main island outside the city. To rob an ATM you walk up to it and press and hold E for 8 seconds. Police will not be notified of the robbery and you will earn a random amount of money. The minimum possible is $200 and the maximum is $5000. There is no chance to it it’s completely random. Although police won’t be notified you will be visible on their maps until 30 seconds after the robbery is complete.
Passenger plane — The boarding and exiting is the same as on the cargo plane, but the robbery part is the same as on the passenger train. The limit for cash this time is $4500
House — Criminals and other people on that side can rob citizen houses and apartments (which always come for free. The floor plan and decoration never changes but the placement is always different. Sometimes it’s an apartment other times it’s a house.) Citizens can lose money from having their home robbed (if you’re a criminal that started as a citizen you keep the house, also if you’re a prisoner that started as a citizen. as long as you have a home you’ll lose money if you get it robbed) citizens can pay for security to get their homes safer and more difficult to rob. The amount you lose will be the same amount the robber earns. If they steal more than you have then you will go into debt. Security includes cameras which notify you if your home is getting robbed (you will be notified of who it is but the cops won’t know) lasers which damage the robber and notify you and police ( the more you pay the more damage they deal.) traps which damage the robber, and security alarms which notify you and police as soon as your door is even opened while you’re not home. The door security is hidden and untraceable too. Robbers can steal anything that the owner has bought. For every object they steal they earn 1/2 the price of it for completing the robbery by giving it to the collector. If the robber is arrested before completing the robbery then the citizen gets the money back. There are several points of entry: chimney, door, window, and for apartments, balcony.
Criminal base raid — This robbery is only available for police, heroes, mafia, and military. During a raid, police will enter the criminal base and break open the door with explosives (press and hold he for 5 seconds) to commit the robbery/raid, at the volcano base, you blow the door, and press and hold E on all of the collectors to get the money from them. You will get all the earnings from the most recent robbery completed with that collector. The raids inconvenience criminals and villains in some way that would motivate them just enough to want to protect the base during a raid. During a raid police heroes and mafia can kill any criminals in the base as well for extra cash. They will receive 1.5x the bounty. from killing criminals in raids and will earn 2x the bounty for arrests. After the door is blown all criminals will receive notice of the raid being started. During a raid police can also confiscate the guns for +$200 per gun and have access to the level 10 area regardless of actual level. To raid the city base you start by confiscating the guns in the criminal base. Every crate in the base can be raided for +$500 to +$1000.As well as a bonus chest in the building of the criminal base that gives the police all the earnings from the most recent jewelry robbery. The criminals still profit police the same way. Police can raid the crates at the air place to receive the earnings from the past robbery there as well. There is a 5 minute break in between every raid. During the jungle criminal base raid (a third base on the military island opposite to the position of the military base) police can raid the collectors again as well as raiding the hidden cash vaults granting all the earnings from the most recent bank and train robberies. Heroes can raid the villain base but police can’t. To begin a villain base robbery you need to blow down the door using your powers (every power has a way of blowing down the door except invisibility so invisibility people can use bombs)
The mall — A collection of 15+ different stores which can be robbed the same way as the donut shop. Upon robbing one police are notified you’re robbing the mall. The stores include: ⁃ 4 clothing stores (automatically dresses you out) ⁃ 3 restaurants (gives pizza from one, burgers from another, and coffee from the third. Pizza and burgers heal you coffee speeds up your sprinting speed by 5% for 30 seconds and can be consumed 3 times) ⁃ 3 furniture stores (gives nothing) ⁃ 2 cosmetic stores (gives nothing) ⁃ 3 shop stands (give nothing) ⁃ 3 tech shops (gives a phone which allows you to call up players, allowing them to choose to teleport to you or decline to do so) ⁃ 1 art exhibit (gives nothing) ⁃ 3 candy shops (one gives a lollipop, which heals you and gives you a faster running speed and higher jumps for 30 seconds, one gives a chocolate bar which heals and one gives a hard candy which heals) ⁃ 2 game shops (give nothing) ⁃ 1 toy store (gives a teddy bear that does nothing) the mall is always open but the stores have the same cool down as the gas station. When they are closed they will have the thing showing it’s closed the same way as in real malls.
Gun shop — Players visit it all the time in jailbreak. upon robbing the cash register you will be rewarded with the amount of money that the guns taken from the past players combined cost (so if player 1 came and took a $5,000 shotgun you earn $5000 from robbing the gun shop)
Cargo ship — (Can enter from riding a boat to the side and climbing a ladder or by jumping on it when it goes under the bridge. Police are notified when you enter a crate. Standing in a crate gives you up to $1000 and gives $100 per second. You can rob up to 5 crates. The bags limit you by crates robbed not by money. The boat never disappears it moves constantly between the main island the jungle island and the prison island. After a crate is robbed that crate disappears. The boat stops at a dock at all three islands to restock. There are 20 crates normally. To get off you can jump and swim to shore or wait until the boat reaches a dock and get off there. The robbery ends when you get to shore anywhere. Because the boat never disappears it’s technically always open but you have limited crates.
Casino — The casino can be entered when it’s open and when it’s closed. While closed the casino is filled with casino machines that actually work, allowing you to gamble your money. In the back the casino has a spot that is only available when closed. The ceiling is glass and can be broken so you can fall through (be careful of fall damage) Head to the back and you will see a floor of lasers. Dodge the lasers and make your way to the vault. There you will find a code locking the vault door. To get the code you need to dodge the lasers and make your way to the room upstairs. There is an office there with a computer. Hold E to hack the computer and you will get the code. Go back down and enter the code. Now just stand there and earn money bank style. Exit the casino to complete the robbery. In order to get busted a cop has to enter the vault.
Pickpocketing — Criminals can pickpocket other criminals the same way they would with police. They can steal small objects such as pistols or binoculars as well as stealing money. The money you steal is always >$100 and if you’re stealing from criminals, they won’t lose anything. The money you steal comes from their bounty, and the other objects you steal will be given to you but still stay in their inventory. (this would be a great way to get force field guns and swords if you can’t afford them!) when pickpocketing citizens you will take from their actual money because they have no bounty. Pickpocketing mafia gives a chance at receiving the mafia key card. Also, players cannot pickpocket the same person twice in one minute (unless it’s a cop or mafia because key cards but you can’t pickpocket anything from mafia except for key cards pistols and chocolate)
Spaceship — appears once every five minutes. to rob it you need to load onto it while it’s open and then wait until liftoff. There is a vault in the back filled with rocket fuel which powers the ship. Use some rocket fuel to get back to earth and keep some for yourself. Each container of rocket fuel is worth $500 and about 1/3 of it is needed for the ship to return to earth. There are 15 containers. You can carry as much as you want regardless of bag size but you need to leave 1/3 for the ship. When you return home, give the rocket fuel to the collector to get your money. The longer you take collecting fuel the farther from earth you get. You need to pilot the ship and steer it home. for every 10 seconds spent collecting that’s another 1/3 of fuel needed to return. To return home just sit in the seat and it will move on it’s own. To arrest criminals during the robbery, police would have to stow away on the trip and arrest them which is possible. In the airship there is no gravity and the ship is big which i think would make for some interesting fight mechanics between crims and cops. Explosives and superpowers won’t work in there as they will just cause a tear in the ship and kill all the passengers. You can also escape the ship by putting on a space suit and opening the airlock. Then you will slowly fall back into earth. There’s a 1/2 chance of surviving the part where you enter earths atmosphere and if you do survive you’ll be badly damaged. Use a parachute to avoid death on your way down.
City Central vault — A large building in the middle of the city where upon entry opens a massive vault. To break in you place explosives on the door. After that you need to open the vault by pulling 3 different levers, places on opposite ends of a laser filled room. Stand in the vault to earn $100 per second and the maximum amount of money is $10,000. If the police manage to trap you in the vault by pulling all the levers back you will be arrested. If they step into the vault nothing happens but they are still close enough to arrest.
The mine — An entirely underground mine where players will have to steal gold and other precious gems from the mine, while at the same time they need to be careful. The mine is like playing Jenga and stealing the wrong rock can cause everything to collapse and kill you. If successful, robbers will earn up to 7,000 for completing the robbery by delivering it to the collector. If the police enter the mine, they need to be careful too. One wrong step or one missed shot can cause the cave to collapse again. Explosives are dangerous here too.
Tech store — Criminals enter from the bottom, grab electronics into their bag (not a normal bag though, it can be dropped/put down by pressing the superpower button, which, since villains can’t use their powers while carrying the bag, still works). Carry the bags to the top of the building after dodging lasers and such. Then shoot the glass on top and jump out (with your bag) take the bag to the city base to finish the robbery.
Night club — Similar to the bank but no lasers, to enter you need to sneak in through the back of just avoid the main entrance. Once your in, make your way to the vault on the bottom floor. On the main floor with the nightclub there is nothing in your way and it’s not even considered a robbery yet. Once you get to the second floor (below the first floor) you will start having obstacles that get more and more difficult until you reach the vault. Same thing as the bank from there.
Temple — On a (third island???) there is a desert with a temple in the center. Enter the temple from the main entrance (when closed the entrance will look caved in) and dodge old movie like traps on your way down. You’ll have to run from massive boulder like Indiana Jones, there will be a water trap where you have to avoid pressure plates or else you’ll drown, there will be poison dart traps, etc. At the bottom of the temple there is an idol you can take worth $6,500. Take it, escape back to the exit, and deliver the idol to the collector to earn the money.
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Real Guests. Real Rewards: 4th Station Casinos TV Spot

Station Casinos TV commercial where guests answer the question: "How do you use your Boarding Pass points?" Answers from Ernesto, Jeff, Rene, Patricia, Henry, Steve and Karen. Questions answered about Station Casinos All-New Boarding Pass Program - Duration: 9:03. Station Casinos 2,060 views. 9:03. How to Get Caesars Total Rewards Diamond: ... Texas Station Director of Marketing Brooke and Lauren, Director of Marketing at Boulder Station, answer questions about Station Casinos' All-New Boarding Pas... Texas Station Director of Marketing Brooke and Lauren, Director of Marketing at Boulder Station, answer questions about Station Casinos' All-New Boarding Pass card asked on Station Casinos TV commercial where guests answer the question: "How do you use your Boarding Pass points?" Answers from Michael & Maureen, Lawrence & Nick, Linda, Thomas, Vicki & Pamela, Harvey ... Main Street Station Casino, Brewery And Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada - Duration: 1 ... Questions answered about Station Casinos All-New Boarding Pass Program - Duration: 9:03. Station Casinos 2,069 ... Stansted has introduced a new boarding pass system at the entrance to the security search area making it quicker and simpler for passengers to reach the depa... TV Commericial for Station Casinos new Boarding Pass program. Sign up for free card at the Rewards Center at your favorite Station Casinos, Fiesta Casinos or... 很多人都想知道空姐对这个大大的boarding pass的反应,就是这个啦~😆😆 🤳来来订阅看看更多不同的影片