GPA’s (Casino Group) Beef Supply Chain Exposed to ...

[Business] - The Star casino beefs up its presence on the Gold Coast | Sydney Morning Herald

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[Business] - The Star casino beefs up its presence on the Gold Coast

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I work in a Forbes rated, 5 Diamond resort owned by a Fortune 300 company on the Strip in Las Vegas. I bounce around the resort and work all venues from Casino bar to 1 of 9 restaurants in the US that serve certified Kobe beef from Japan. Just throwing out some love for all the other bartenders! AMA

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What’s your beef towards casinos?

There are plenty of Christians all over the world who go to casinos and gamble. Many Christians gamble. It’s a fact.
But in the US, casinos are illegal unless it’s in Nevada or in Indian reservations. This is mostly due to a Christian crowd. Both conservative and the liberal Christians would support the prohibition of casinos.
Why can’t we have that? What’s your beef? How come so many Christians go over to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the Hard Rock hotel in Fort Lauderdale but won’t support legalization for the whole country? Lets not forget about Christians in France, Italy and many other countries were its totally legal.
The Bible doesn’t prohibit casinos and gambling at all but rather says that love of money is bad and that being obsessed with it is sinful. But it was quite likely that the early Christians gambled. Especially the Greek speaking ones living in Antioch and Alexandria, cities famous for their resorts and laid back lifestyle.
If you have no beef with casinos, would you support the legalization of it for the whole country?
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Come visit Casino, bring a fork

Come visit Casino, bring a fork
The Northern Rivers shithole of Casino is called that despite the fact that the closest it gets to an actual casino is the pokies at the RSM, making it the most misleadingly-named town since Woodenbong or Bigtitti. In an ironic twist, Casino has actually been banned by the New South Wales government from acquiring any more gaming machines. The town is more accurately known for cows - Casino claims to be the country’s ‘Beef Capital’, or ‘the Rockhampton of Australia’. In fact, Casino has such a boner for beef that it is considering changing its name to Cowsino.
Casino celebrates its beef fetish in three major ways: by regularly filling the town with the fragrance of rancid offal from its local meatworks; by legally restricting all food in the town to meat pies; and by holding an annual Beef Week which attracts bloodthirsty bogans from all over the immediate area. Casino Beef Week, which is actually 12 days long because Casinoans don’t know what a week is, features events such as the Beef Week pageant for the most bovinesque lady, an orgy of animal abuse called a ‘rodeo’, and an orchestrated stampede of cows down the main street before a parade runs directly over all the fresh cow shit.
The town’s main non-beef-related tourist attraction is the Platypus Pool on the cow carcass-filled Richmond River, where visitors can see the abominable cross-bred beaver-ducks in their natural habitat. While in Casino, it’s highly likely that you’ll be approached by local bums begging for booze or meth money - but don’t give them any, they’ll only spend it on beef.

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My new song is called Dust, If you get chance to listen I would be made up. Its got a country vibe. Its all totally acoustic, recorded with mics only. J45 and Breedlove bass. Slide was done on the J45 lap style. I beefed it up at the end with a touch of my beautiful Epi Casino. Hope u like it! thx

My new song is called Dust, If you get chance to listen I would be made up. Its got a country vibe. Its all totally acoustic, recorded with mics only. J45 and Breedlove bass. Slide was done on the J45 lap style. I beefed it up at the end with a touch of my beautiful Epi Casino. Hope u like it! thx submitted by michael_randle to AcousticGuitar [link] [comments]

My new song is called Dust, If you get chance to listen I would be made up. Its got a country vibe. Its all totally acoustic, recorded with mics only. J45 and Breedlove bass. Slide was done on the J45 lap style. I beefed it up at the end with a touch of my beautiful Epi Casino. Hope u like it! thx

My new song is called Dust, If you get chance to listen I would be made up. Its got a country vibe. Its all totally acoustic, recorded with mics only. J45 and Breedlove bass. Slide was done on the J45 lap style. I beefed it up at the end with a touch of my beautiful Epi Casino. Hope u like it! thx submitted by michael_randle to AcousticOriginals [link] [comments]

My new song is called Dust, If you get chance to listen I would be made up. Its got a country vibe. Its all totally acoustic, recorded with mics only. J45 and Breedlove bass. Slide was done on the J45 lap style. I beefed it up at the end with a touch of my beautiful Epi Casino. Hope u like it! thx

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"I think I've lived long enough to see competitive Counter-Strike as we know it, kill itself." Summary of Richard Lewis' stream (Long)

I want to preface that the contents of this post is for informational purposes. I do not condone or approve of any harassments or witch-hunting or the attacking of anybody.
Richard Lewis recently did a stream talking about the terrible state of CS esports and I thought it was an important stream anyone who cares about the CS community should listen to.
Vod Link here:
I realize it is 3 hours long so I took it upon myself to create a list of interesting points from the stream so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, although I still encourage you to do so if you can.
I know this post is still long but probably easier to digest, especially in parts.
Here is a link to my raw notes if you for some reason want to read through this which includes some omitted stuff. It's in chronological order of things said in the stream and has some time stamps.


CSPPA - Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

"Who does this union really fucking serve?"

ESIC - Esports Integrity Commission

"They have been put in an impossible position."

Stream Sniping

"They're all at it in the online era, they're all at it, they're all cheating, they're all using exploits, probably that see through smoke bug got used a bunch of times"

Match Fixing

"How many years have we let our scene be fucking pillaged by these greedy cunts?" "We just let it happen."

North America

"Everyone in NA has left we've lost a continents worth of support during this pandemic and Valve haven't said a fucking word."


"TO's have treated CS talent like absolute human garbage for years now."


"Anything that Riot does, is better than Valve's inaction"

Closing Statements

"We've peaked. If we want to sustain and exist, now is the time to figure it out. No esports lasts as long as this, we've already done 8 years. We've already broke the records. We have got to figure out a way to coexist and drive the negative forces out and we need to do it as a collective and we're not doing that."

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If You Have Beef With a Casino, Don't Drive Your RV Into Someone Who Works There.

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I'm opening up a casino that only pays out in beef

It's called Risk it for Brisket
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Retro cooking

Is anyone else into learning about and doing old timey retro recipies and cooking? Like clams casino, beef bourguignon, crown roast and things like a sidecar, Manhattan or Gibson.
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Mindcrack Vanilla Server Digest 4/15/13-4/21/13

Welcome to the tenth Vanilla Server Digest. A record of the past happenings, given weekly, on the Mindcrack server. Vanilla. So some history. Jayothan used to do this in the summer before he, sadly, vanished. But here it is again, in all its semi-glory.

Mindcracker of the Week

Millbee. Our Welsh friend has been working hard and putting serious thought into his channel. With a serious channel overhaul on the way, Millbee is listening to viewers and revamping his channel.

LP of the Week

BTC's Bioshock Infinite. This is a must-watch series as BTC tackles the game Bioshock Infinite. Between the game itself and BTC's commentary this is something to be watching.

Good Moments

Video Creator Description
Mindcrack Episode 68 - "Drankin' With The Dude ;-)" GenerikB CO-OP: Genny drinks with Avidya and gives Avidya a lease to create a bar in the B-Team Casino
Beef Plays Minecraft Mindcrack Server - S2 EP209 - Hired Help Vintage Beef CO-OP: Etho comes over to help get Beef's villagers to the island and breed them and have a UHC discussion
AvidyaZEN MindCrack SMP - 032 - "B-Team Contractor" Minecraft Gameplay Avidya CO-OP: Avidya finds a new business opportunity with the GenerikB at his casino
Minecraft - Mindcrack - Let's Play - S3E83 - Pigman Down Jsano Jsano gets his items back from the Pigman and discusses the Boston Marathon bombings and works on the Nether Village
Minecraft MindCrack - S3E388 - Awkward Outings Guude We get a UHC 9 recap from Guude, discuss weird stuff when he leaves his home and announces a CTM series with Jsano
Etho MindCrack SMP - Episode 89: Village Populating Etho CO-OP: Etho goes to help Beef fill his Village with Villagers placing lots of wooded doors
Minecraft: Mindcrack E059 - The Sheep Whisperer Pyrao While working on a Pokemon Center, Pyrao discusses reading, philosophy, and drinking
Minecraft MindCrack : SMP #040 - UHC Season 9 Recap Kurt The Iron Kurtain himself talks about his thoughts on Ultra Hardcore Season 9 and team DOOKE's performance caving at the missile silo
The Mindcrack Minecraft Server - Episode 179 - Blow my whistle! BdoubleO Building a sky mineshaft, Bdubs talks about weight loss and self-image and blowing whistles
Mindcrack Number 117 - "Other Large House" (Z777) Zisteau For 117 and 777 Zisteau shows a furniture shop and and another large house
Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 9 Thoughts MCGamer MC talks about how UHC 9 went for him, and his personal performance
Beef Plays Minecraft - Mindcrack Server - S2 Ep 210 - Problem Solved! ? Vintage Beef Beef works with Villagers again and if this fails, it's game over for Villagers and Beef
Mindcrack Episode 69 - "PRANK WARS! The Adventures Of GenerikBaggins The, Hermit" GenerikB PRANK: If you mess with the hermit you get the horns. That or a giant cobblestone mountain
Mindcrack SMP E17 "Mountainous PRANK!" (Multiplayer Survival Server) PaulSoaresJR PRANK REACTION: The RV is taken down and a mountain is built up. Don't leave the server kids
Minecraft - MindCrack - SMP #041 - Not So Seamless Transition Kurt Kurt announces his attendance at PAX Prime, the first 1.6 snapshot, and builds a toliet
Minecraft MindCrack - S3E389 - Value of Things Guude The coal house is created as Guude discusses object's value, specifically his drinking glass
Beef Plays Minecraft - Mindcrack Server - S2 EP211 - Tunnel Vision Vintage Beef Beef builds a subway tunnel in his island to improve Villager transportation
Minecraft MindCrack - S3E390 - My first ABBA Guude CO-OP: For the first time Guude tackles the ABBA circuit
BTC Mindcrack S2 Ep 16: Who is the Mining queen? BTC CO-OP: The ABBA caving returns with more participants as BTC sees if he is the queen of the mining!
Mindcrack ABBA caving with MCGamer, BTC, Millbee and Guude Baj CO-OP: Just left of the house of MCGamer, five Mindcrackers tackle a cave to ABBA it up
Minecraft - The Mindcrack Server #62 'Abba Caving With MC, BTC, Baj & Guude' Millbee CO-OP: After a long hiatus Millbee has arrived on the server to cave ABBA style
Mindcrack 026 - ABBA Caving of Awesome MCGamer CO-OP: MC suggests the team go ABBA, and they go ABBA


Quick one today, I just want to talk about how Mindcrack got started. A lot of people might thing Mindcrack is just a bunch of big channels or whatever, but it wasn't always that way. Mindcrack started with Guude, and he built his way up to the top. Around June 2011, he had 2,500 subscribers. But he started with just a few, and there were no 'big breaks' for Guude. He built Mindcrack up from nothing. Similarly, other people joining the servers has very few subscribers. Jsano had 300 about and then there were around ~100 for Adlington. Even less for thejims. Those were the first four people to make videos on Mindcrack, and it was a really small community. Even new people added had low subscribers in season 2. Beef had around 100 subscribers when he joined Mindcrack and two years later had 400,000. The point is that Mindcrack wasn't always big, it wasn't always a popular series. It was a small collection of people that slowly built up a community. It started with just one guy and an idea, and they never guessed they would enter popularity. Mindcrack does not behave like other big channels that put out 5 videos for every snapshot to maximize views and ad revenue. They don't pull crazy stunts and pump put videos for the money. It's always been quality over quantity with Mindcrack. And that's why we're still watching.
Remember to post the highlights of this week in the description and say if you want to be doing an FTB digest. Thanks!
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I photographed then ate this Dry aged beef at the Great Oak Streak house at Pechanga Casino. [OC]

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A local casino is offering marijuana infused beef to their best bettors.

That’s really high steaks for their high rollers.
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Robinhood can be a gambling platform, but it's not and removing it or regulating it will exacerbate the divide between the wealthy and the rest of the U.S.

Hi everyone,
Lately I've been reading and watching on the news about Robinhood and I just wanted to give my two cents as somebody who actually researches Gambling disorder in the United States. My goal in this post is to hopefully encourage people on WSB to become politically active in preventing the regulations or removal of certain aspects that Robinhood allows on its investing platform. First, let me define some terms from the Gambling disorder field:
In this post I will address a few arguments at Robinhood. The first is regarding the "gambling" nature of investment that Robinhood purportedly encourages. The second is that the average investor needs to be "protected" because they lack the information and knowledge to participate on the app.
When I first downloaded Robinhood, I was skeptical at first and proceeded to uninstall and reinstall it multiple times before I deposited $350 to invest in stock. The app provided me a "scratch-off" with my first deposit that rewarded me with my first stock (some medical company). That was the only time that event occurred. If we look at my prior definition of gambling, technically that is not a form of gambling. I placed nothing of value on this random outcome. If the actual act of investing in stock is gambling this leads to an interesting analogy regarding trading platforms, not just Robinhood.
Stocks are the game (roulette, blackjack, craps), Robinhood and trading platforms are the dealers (giving information on the rules of the game and how much it costs to place a bet), and the liberal market is the casino.
In this analogy everybody is in the Casino, and if you don't play the game you stand to lose regardless as your money loses value to inflation. Even worse, if the casino folds the people that didn't cash out or were fully invested in the casino never collapsing (The Great Depression, the recession of 2008 the coronavirus recession) can stand to lose everything even if they didn't participate (regular person that was laid off) or were placing safe bets (ETF's Blue chip stocks etc).
The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Galvin, is addressing the wrong issue by suing Robinhood. What should be addressed is the reasons that people even participate in Robinhood or in any trading platform. The average individual doesn't understand the market and the United States does not address this ignorance by providing information on how to properly invest for retirement or provide a welfare structure that protects against poverty as individuals become unable to participate fully in the economy due to injury, developmental disability, age, discrimination or lack of access to the "free" market. To claim that people on Robinhood "gamble" for excitement or risk is reductive. People invest their money on Robinhood for the potential accumulate life changing "tendies" that will protect them from the eventuality that they will be unable to participate in the economy and the government will not insulate them from the fiscal impact an individual will (not if) have to deal with in regards rising medical cost for their healthcare and any other services they would require in order to lead a normal life. If William Galvin is actually concerned about the "gamefying" of investment, he should focus on regulating Wall Street and the Banking sector, because last time I checked investors on Robinhood invest with their own money, not the money of other people.
The argument that the average investor isn't informed also leads to more issues that I guarantee the government doesn't want to address or even ask because it would require an expansion of the welfare state and higher taxes on companies and individuals. If the average American is too dumb to invest using Robinhood that what is the solution? The U.S. government has always fought any sort of government guaranteed income or services to insulate an individual against against insolvency from the free market as can be seen by the desire to privatize almost all forms of government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps and Medicaid. This has already occurred with certain programs at the federal level such as HUD which doesn't do anything to help people get affordable housing and the drastic reduction in funding for colleges and universities especially after boomers were done getting their degrees for essentially free.
So lets examine what the average person has to understand in the American economy,
So the average American is suppose to navigate all of the aforementioned areas with little to no government assistance. But Robinhood should be regulated, makes sense. Let's not even talk about that most Americans read at about an 8th grade level and have a tough time understanding that a quarter pounder is less than a one third hamburger...
"Why the third pound hamburger failed: One of the most vivid arithmetic failings displayed by Americans occurred in the early 1980s, when the A&W restaurant chain released a new hamburger to rival the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. With a third-pound of beef, the A&W burger had more meat than the Quarter Pounder; in taste tests, customers preferred A&W’s burger. And it was less expensive. A lavish A&W television and radio marketing campaign cited these benefits. Yet instead of leaping at the great value, customers snubbed it. Only when the company held customer focus groups did it become clear why. The Third Pounder presented the American public with a test in fractions. And we failed. Misunderstanding the value of one-third, customers believed they were being overcharged. Why, they asked the researchers, should they pay the same amount for a third of a pound of meat as they did for a quarter-pound of meat at McDonald’s. The “4” in “¼,” larger than the “3” in “⅓,” led them astray. --Elizabeth Green, NYT Magazine, on losing money by overestimating the American Public Intelligence."
The REAL QUESTION is what responsibility does the government have to insulate the average American from an economy that by its very nature is predatory, especially when the argument set forth by William Galvinson is that the public doesn't understand how to invest on Robinhood. Especially since the government has told the public from day one to take care of themselves as they get older through investing instead of expecting the government to provide assistance. By removing or regulating Robinhood, the fungibility of the average American's dollar will drop in value because they are prevented from another avenue of wealth accumulation, which research shows (at least for those in poverty) they turn to gambling as a means of wealth accumulation because even though the return on a gamble is less it is technically even since their dollar is also worth less.
I think I may have gone on a rant, sorry.
Please buy me some tendies William Galvin, because I like to be wined and dined before I GET FUCKED!
Robinhood isn't gambling. Robinhood just provides a service to investing on Wall Street, the actual gambling is our devotion to supply side economics which is the original, STONKS ONLY GO UP 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Also, if we are going to start regulating Robinhood because of the actions of a minority (WSB) then we should start regulating other industries that are WAY more predatory and impact a larger amount of the U.S. such as, payday loans, guns, pharma industry, surprise medical bills from emergency rooms, childcare, prison industry, bail industry etc. I bet you the cost to the U.S. economy from those industries is way more than anything Robinhood has done.
Positions: SAVE at 18.45 67 shares; and TQQQ 5 shares at 174.71
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Actually I work in a Forbes rated, 5 Diamond resort owned by a Fortune 300 company on the Strip in Las Vegas. I bounce around the resort and work all venues from Casino bar to 1 of 9 restaurants in the US that serve certified Kobe beef from Japan. Just throwing out some love for all the other ...
Actually I work in a Forbes rated, 5 Diamond resort owned by a Fortune 300 company on the Strip in Las Vegas. I bounce around the resort and work all venues from Casino bar to 1 of 9 restaurants in the US that serve certified Kobe beef from Japan. Just throwing out some love for all the other bartenders!
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Keanu Reeves drastically changed the original vision of the game, resulting in a 2 year rushed mess

Keanu Reeves drastically changed the original vision of the game, resulting in a 2 year rushed mess
Cyberpunk 2077 is extremely buggy and evidently incomplete not because the developers are incompetent, but because the management ordered them to work on the Keanu Reeves version after 2018 instead of the Heist/GTAV they had almost complete.
In 2018 an anonymous leaker explained that there would be a trailer, a secret gameplay demo for journalists, and a bunch of other features. What's important is that he pointed out that the Moon levels were already complete and only needed polishing which is why CDPR was confident in releasing information about the game. In 2018 they had no idea who would portray Johnny Silverhand or how big he would be to the game.
The original plot was: You are V and you need money. You can complete all gigs in the game and then leave the city after you have enough fame and money, with your romance option. The main story was simply heist related, similar to GTA V. With each heist taking you to more absurd locations. You would be taken in by Morgan BlackhandFor those who don't know, Morgan Blackhand is the one that had a beef with Arasaka, nuked their tower, and fought Adam Smasher. Not Johnny Silverhand.You can see Morgan Blackhand in the 2018 trailer with his black combed hair, where he shows you stock options and travels in space through Orbital Air, thanks to data miners confirming his identity.
After the trailer's release, Keanu got involved, and for those who don't know about Keanu. He often demands creative input, almost every project he has worked on he has changed the director and the plot to fit his view.With CDPR looking to break sales, the most likely agreed to his vision in return for marketing since their plan was to sell 20 million copies.
The result is now Morgan Blackhand being replaced with Johnny Silverhand, with him taking over his backstory. The cut Casino locations and various heist codes are still in the game. Morgan Blackhand was renamed Mr. Blue Eyes. The same man that offers you the heist after the game is completed.

Below is the cut casino that you can still find at the edge of the map ironically. there is also art of the same casino.
ps - I reiterate that im not after keanau or think he is the reason the game came out the way it did, I'm sure even a man like him couldnt play around too much with the 200~ mill budget.
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I am 36 years old, make $66,900, live in Portland OR and work as a Data Coordinator.

Section Zero: Background
Hello all, happy hoildays! I stumbled upon this subreddit not long ago and have enjoyed the commentary and experiences everyone's shared. Wanted to add another perspective from a mid-30s first-gen American. I've had some missteps regarding careers and finances, but I feel like I'm in a slightly better place now. I tried YNAB in the past but I wasn't consistent enough with it. These days I use Mint to monitor my finances and have a "Finance Friday" each month to review all my accounts and spending. I currently live with my partner TJ and his dog RR. We do not combine finances, but he has been unemployed since March. I have helped him with some bills and basic necessities here and there until he finds his next job or career.
My current financial goals are to just maintain a status quo and not get any debt until pandemic times are over. Then I will focus on a house remodeling fund and savings for taking care of my parents.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances? My parents taught us about money from a frugal perspective. They are immigrants who worked in food service/factories. There was always this “save save save” mentality. Even when they started their own small business, we saved like there was no tomorrow. In high school, my calculus teacher bought us all “The Millionaire Next Door” book and had us read it as an assignment - that was my first structured introduction to finances.
Did you worry about money growing up? No, there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads. I knew that our extended family would support us if needed.
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it? Yes. My dad didn’t finish the high school-equivalent in their country, while my mom did finish high school, but no college. My older and younger siblings took a different path in life after high school. I am the first and only in my family to graduate from college. My parents covered all tuition for my two bachelor degrees with the agreement that I support them fully during their retirement and send them gifts/extra money whenever I can. I feel very lucky and privileged that they were able to provide that education for me.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? 24 when I went on a work holiday abroad. My family was always available to help when needed, but the experience abroad helped me stand on my own feet. As an adult, I also inherited that “save” mentality and put a lot of my earnings towards savings. I didn’t date until my 30s, lived frugally, didn’t go out to eat/hangout with people, shopped thrift stores, and had very few hobbies. I am starting to “live a little” now though.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? Aside from the tuition, my parents have helped with a down payment for my first house and living costs during periods of unemployment.

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance
If the place I was working at offered a 401k, I would always contribute up to the company match. I started my IRA in my mid-20s and would try to contribute the yearly max. I've stopped that the past 2-3 years though. My Other Brokerage is some play money, but I got tired of staring it and switched to index funds. I haven't contributed anything to it in a few years.
Equity if you're a homeowner
Purchased my first home for $382,000 with 20% down, right before lockdown earlier this year. Perfect timing, right?? I plan to live here until my retirement. My parents contributed $15k while I used most of my savings for the rest.
Savings account balance: $3,073
Checking account balance: $7,800
Credit card debt: I charge everything on my credit card for the points, then pay it off each month using my checking account balance.
Student loan debt: Traditionally no student loan debt as mentioned in Section Zero.

Section Two: Income
Income Progression (listed as gross income with cost of living area):
High School
College and first “career” job
Mental health break
College (again) and second “career” job
Third “career” jobs

Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Monthly Net (paid bi-weekly): $2,758
Side Gig Monthly Take Home:
No side gigs at the moment, but I am thinking of signing up on and doing Excel/data entry projects to help pay the mortgage.
Other Income: TJ’s friend will be staying with us for a month in January, who will pay rent of $800 including utilities. Depending on how that goes, we may take on a roommate in the spare bedroom long-term.

Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage - when I bought the house, the plan was that I would charge TJ a portion of the mortgage costs as “rent”, but since his unemployment I am now covering it all myself.
Regular Monthly Payment: $1677.57
HOA: $30/year
Retirement contribution: Nothing additional than what's been mentioned.
Savings contribution: I used to do $50-100/month, but since COVID I’ve stopped contributing to my savings account.
Investment contribution: None at this time.
Debt payments: $100/month towards TJ's credit card balance of $2,307.
Donations: $10-20/month, usually towards Omaze or Planned Parenthood.
Cellphone: On my parents plan.
Gym membership: Pre-COVID I did Orangetheory for a year. I started to pick up free exercise equipment from Craigslist this year, so we have a small garage gym now and utilize YouTube exercise videos instead.
Pet expenses: $10/month. TJ has stockpiled some Costco canned dog food before unemployment, but once that runs out I will likely cover the costs. We also started to make homemade dog food to help supplement.
Car insurance: $460 every 6 months. Car is paid off.
Regular therapy: I will start in the new year. Not sure what the costs are yet, but I will use my HSA to pay.
Vitamins/Medications: $20/month
Groceries & household items: $75/month
Miscellaneous (eating out, house purchases, gifts, etc): $100/month

Section Four: Money Diary
6:30am Neighbor starts up their truck. We joke that it's our natural alarm clock. They idle for about 15 minutes before heading off. I go back to bed.
9am My real alarm goes off. I put the electric kettle on for some morning tea. While it's boiling, I do my morning routine: drink glass of water, take synthroid, use bathroom, brush teeth, quick shower. I then make tea - Jasmine Pearl English Breakfast with dark forest mix. I started ordering loose leaf tea in large amounts back in March instead of small bags or single serving packets. Seems more economical since I drink it daily. I let the dog out into the backyard so he can do his morning routine.
9:30am I go through my daily tasks for work. They entail checking processes and reports to make sure they ran successfully overnight. I then answer some emails and catch-up on Slack channels.
12pm Lunch is leftover roast chicken and quinoa from Saturday. I heat it up in the instant pot. Love that thing! Almost every meal of ours involves the instant pot. We hardly use the stovetop. We then walk the dog to the business park across from our neighborhood. There's a very short trail that runs along a drainage creek by the business park. It's quite muddy, but has a nice woodsy feeling. Over the summer, we saw sumac trees there as well. Free sumac spice!
1:30pm Department meeting on Zoom. Our director announces his resignation on the call. Everyone is shocked! Layoffs were announced for next year but this was not a part of it. I think it's a good move for him and he doesn't have to have this worry of layoffs over his head.
3pm I meet with an engineer from another team and talk about a data source they are in charge of. He helps me out in understanding it and we identify most of the fields that I need for a project I’m starting.
5:30pm I check in with my partner. He's been watching LinkedIn tutorials on internal recruiting, job coaching and general computeoffice skills. It's a career change that he wants to make - something where he can talk to and help people. He doesn't have a bachelor's, only an associates, and hopes these tutorials will get him a leg up in the job search. I sent him some entry level HR admin roles the other day and remind him to apply. I then heat up leftovers: homemade chana masala and rice. I add some butter and coconut milk to thin it out, so there's enough for both of us.
10:30pm I take some magnesium, vitamin D and Airborne. I say goodnight to the dog who sleeps in the office. Then I say goodnight to TJ. He sleeps in the spare bedroom on weeknights due to his snoring keeping me up. I'm a light sleeper while he is a pretty deep sleeper.
Daily total: $0
9am I check Reddit Secret Santa. My match seems like a really good person. Not sure what to get, but most likely will purchase something off their wishlist. I wish I was more creative with my gift giving.
11am Meeting with business stakeholder. She submitted a few changes to an existing data process about a month ago. I make the change while on the call and have her test. Success! Marking it off the todo list. I love when we can finish things directly on a call.
12:30pm I come out of my office to make lunch. I notice my partner is not home. I check my messages and see that he's stepped out to pick up a few things. I ask for celery, carrots, and kombucha. $17. I make a quick charcuterie board for lunch: Costco salami, cheese, homemade hummus and Triscuits. It's a simple, fast meal that’s always in our rotation.
2pm My partner is back and we take the dog out for a walk and quick round of disc golf at a nearby park. We mask up and play only a few holes. Disc golf is a pretty frugal activity, you only need 2-3 discs to get started. TJ remarks that my throws are getting better, but then again they weren't great to start with. We talk about Christmas/Birthday gifts on the way back home since he was born on New Years Day. He mentioned snowshoeing but asked to not spend that much. I'll do some research!
5pm I think about personal career projects. Should I put up a portfolio of projects somewhere? I decide to try and pull some Yelp data. There’s not a lot of data points that I was interested in. Regardless, I tinker with it for an hour. TJ asks if I'm hungry. I said not so much, but felt thirsty. Maybe some ginger soup tonight?
7:30pm Dinner is served - ginger carrot soup made in the instant pot. We eat some rice crackers with it. Lately I feel like we've been eating more vegetarian dinners. It definitely helps stretch our food budget. We end the evening by finishing Fargo season 3 on Hulu.
Daily total: $17
1:30am I'm woken up by the dog. He's been sneezing a lot and wheezes at random intervals. TJ doesn't have the money for a vet visit but I've offered to pay as long as he calls to make the appointment. I give the dog some coconut oil, rub his belly until he seems better and go back to bed.
7am Garbage day. We usually put it out the night before but I forgot. I get up to go, but TJ handles it. I think, at least. I'm too sleepy to pay attention and go back to bed.
9am I wake up and rinse some dishes that have piled up and put them into the dishwasher. We both grew up in households that had a home dishwasher, but forbade from using it. It was drilled into us that hand washing saves more water, unless you had a restaurant/industrial dishwasher. I think with modern home dishwashers, that's changed, so I wanted to try it out with our dishwasher and monitor the water bill. Don't have any dishwashing pods or powder, so I put some OxiClean in it.
12:30pm I overhear TJ on a call with a recruiting agency. It seems to be going well, lots of laughing. I heat up some taco lasagna that I freezer meal-prepped last month.
2pm Collaborate on a project at work with an engineer. My manager put me on this project since I was asking for an assignment on a more technical team. I'm learning tidbits here and there, but I don't feel like it's structured enough.
5pm I do an Orangetheory-At-Home workout and try to break a sweat. It's not the same as going to their studio.
6pm Charcuterie for dinner. Our fridge is full of store-bought and homemade pickles that go super well on a charcuterie board.
Daily total: $0
7am I wake up tired. The house has been feeling more cold, which woke me up a few times. We keep the temp at 72F during the day, at night around 68F since we thought the bedrooms keep the heat in pretty well. My mistake!
9am I do my usual morning routine and login to work. My team mostly spends the morning sending each other emojis.
11:30am Lunch today is mini quiche, frozen chicken and veggie entree, and hot dogs. Not the most cohesive meal, but it fills the belly.
12:30pm TJ heads out to his mailbox that's 30 minutes away. He is still waiting on his tax return and a 401k withdrawal. His taxes had to be filed by mail for some reason, then the IRS office shut down due to COVID. So he wanted to see if it arrived yet at the mailbox. He also takes the dog to the vet's urgent care on his way. They didn't have any regular openings available until the end of the year, and the dog seemed to be getting worse. I give TJ $40 to mail a gift package to a friend in France and also reiterate that I'll cover the vet bill when he gets it.
4:30pm I pay some bills, my favorite activity (not)! Sewer bill: $59.44 (billed every 2 months). Geico bill: $459.60 billed every 6 months. Then I follow up with my mortgage officer over email. I had sent her some documents for a refinance quote last week, but haven't heard back. Rates keep dropping, so I'm told, but what does that really mean? I do some research on realestate.
5pm TJ messages me and says he'll be back for dinner. I ask him to pick up some Popeyes via drive thru since we both don't feel like cooking today. Popeyes is currently our fancy “going out to eat” food. $24.17 for a 4pc dinner meal and a 2pc dinner meal.
Daily total: $583.21
8:30am Busy morning at work. My phone is buzzing with emails and Slack messages. I try to answer them while I make tea.
10am Zoom Department happy hour. We reminisce about our director and then play those Jackbox party games. Some of them are hard!
11am TJ asks if he can make me anything for lunch. He suggests savory oatmeal, quick and easy. I tell him that I really appreciate him making meals/doing chores/etc without me prompting. We've been having conversations about "house project management" and mental load because I did most of the chores or I had to continually remind/tell him to do it. I'm really happy to see us progress on this front. I decide to work through my lunch break so I can end the day early. I don't often do that, but I'm ready to get the weekend started.
2pm I check on TJ in the spare bedroom and ask if the dog has been fed yet, since he was nipping at my feet. I notice something off about TJ and ask how he is doing. TJ is depressed about his personal life, career, finances. He doesn't know what to do, spends half the day meditating and reflecting on past trauma. I've been prodding him to get a therapist but he is confused about his insurance. He makes an appointment with a primary care doctor first. I feed the dog some homemade dog-friendly beef stew.
4pm My mom swings by the house (but doesn't enter). She currently works at a school who distributes free USDA food boxes since March. There's often many boxes leftover that would go to waste, so she will grab a box for us. Onions, potatoes, beets, turnips, eggs, cheese, butter, frozen veggies and frozen chicken. She also brought her vintage pasta maker. I asked last week if she ever used it these days and her reply was “no, feel free to have it”. I love pasta and noodles and figure it would be great to make it ourselves as a frugal hobby.
8pm We catch up on Mandalorian and watch silly Youtube videos before heading off to bed.
Daily total: $0
9am I open up my web browser and look at Craigslist and NextDoor for free stuff. I've been scouring for free landscape rocks, pegboards, and wood for house projects. I had this grand ambition to redesign our backyard. It faces our neighbor and currently the fence is pretty low. They can see into our kitchen and bedroom and we can see them. But y'know, COVID and going from dual income house to single income means it all has to be put on hold. So I've been looking for free items in the meantime. Over the past months, I've gotten planter pots, plant cuttings, a raised bed, stepping stones, all from free listings. I don't see anything worthwhile so I go and make some tea.
11am I look at Amazon and make some purchases for Reddit Secret Santa. A foodie kit, DVD of their favorite movie, and some cute pens for their writing hobby. $54. I hope they like it!
12pm TJ heats up leftover stir-fry for lunch for us. I put on some Binging with Babish and we watch how to make pasta. We have a plan - TJ makes the pasta, I make the sauce. Perfect date night activity at home. We watch some more videos on pasta and noodles to educate ourselves.
4pm I start prepping veggies. Big batch of onions, canned tomatoes, ground beef and butter in the instant pot. Meanwhile, TJ works on the pasta by following Babish's instructions.
7pm We gorge on fresh made pasta and bolognese sauce. It's so good! We end up watching Fargo.
11pm Usually I'll be in bed by now, but it's a Saturday and not tired yet (probably because of all that pasta). We play some Kirby's Dream Course on the Switch.
Daily total: $54
10am Quick walk around the neighborhood with the dog. He's on a new routine now with the medicine he's taking. It seems to be helping his breathing issues.
11am The pasta maker and flour is still out since we didn't clean up yesterday. There's some old pie crust in the fridge so I roll it out with the pasta machine for mini quiches. (Sally's Baking Addiction blog is my go-to place for her all-butter crust and quiche recipes btw). TJ helps by mixing up the eggs.
3pm I play some Genshin Impact (GI) on my phone while TJ plays Starcraft in the office. I don't usually play gacha games, but the Zelda BotW-style of GI appealed to me. A gacha game is a game with randomized characteitem boxes that you use real-money to purchase a “pull” or to spin the wheel. I know the gacha parts of the game can be a real money sink if you get addicted to them, it’s almost like gambling. My main team is Fischl, Bennett, Barbara and Noelle. I level up to AR 22 and look up free-to-play tutorials for the game.
6pm There's some leftover pasta from yesterday, enough for both of us. I throw in some roasted beets to round out the meal. We watch more Fargo while eating. Almost done with Season 3!
10pm I find a tour operator who offers a small, socially-distant snowshoeing tour up on the mountain. I reserve for two people - this will be TJ's Christmas/birthday gift. $75. Off to bed for another workday.
Daily total: $75
Weekly Total: $689.79
Section Five: Reflections
Aside from the car insurance bill, this was a typical week for me, COVID or not. We make the majority of our meals at home and usually splurge on drive-thru/delivery once every other week. I may have overspent on the Secret Santa gift, but I don't often give gifts out to friends. It's not something our family does either. For TJ’s Christmas/birthday gift, we usually talk upfront about costs. I’ve gifted him fancy restaurant experiences the past 2 years, since we can share that experience, but obviously can’t do that now. Snowshoeing is a nice change of pace.
The conversations with TJ this week have given me thought on how to approach him differently about finances and working together in a relationship. I’m still unsure about the future financially, particularly as my parents near retirement age and that TJ has pulled out his 401k to pay his debts. I don't know if I can support both my parents and TJ together, so I am finding ways to upskill and/or side hustles without becoming a workaholic or bogged down by stress.
Writing this money diary was also the first time where I really paid attention to my past income and current income. I might be contributing too much into ESPP that could go towards the 401k or mortgage instead? I also seem to have been underpaid for what I did in past jobs, even in a LCOL area.
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The Bollywood film ‘Dhoom’ (2004), misinterpreted as an action thriller, is in fact a rigorous allegorical analysis of economic policies, particularly in the Indian context in the early ‘00s.

Spoilers ahead.
Connoisseurs of film are undoubtedly well-aware of La Nouvelle Vague, aka, the ‘New Wave’—an experimental movement in filmmaking with its origins in the French cinema of the 1950s, with an emphasis on exploration of personal themes such as existentialism, iconoclasm and absurdism. Although the ‘New Wave’ is considered to have met its chronological end in the late 1960s, to be followed by successive movements like ‘New Hollywood’, ‘Cinema Novo’ and ‘Dogme 95’, the influence of la nouvelle vague continues to be keenly felt in the artistic masterpieces of Bollywood production house YRF. Under the skillful hand of renowned auteur Aditya Chopra, the studio has produced a lineup of commercially successful arthouse flicks that continue the French filmmaking renaissance of the ‘50s, successfully infusing avant-garde storytelling techniques with high production values and modern Indian themes. Nowhere is this revolutionary vision more evident than in films like DDLJ (a masterpiece in abstract, absurdist storytelling), Mohabbatein (a sensitive examination of the taboo topic of attitudes towards adolescent self-gratification), Kal Ho Naa Ho (an ambitious adaptation of historian David McCullough’s book 1776), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (a religio-philosophical drama that engages in debate upon the tenets of Christianity, Shaivism, and the cultural taboo of Kala Pani) and, of course, the Dhoom franchise.
As YRF’s most popular franchise, the Dhoom series has, with each installment, made great independent strides in cinematic theory and practice. Although—as read above—YRF films explore a wide, varying range of topics as a whole, the Dhoom franchise focuses exclusively on the examination and discussion of economic and socio-economic matters of policy and practice in the Indian context. Over the course of 3 films, the discourse acquires a rich depth, with the analysis of issues including the economic costs and benefits of national highway construction, the clash between entrepreneurial aspirations and the security of bureaucratic employment, the 2008 economic recession in the BRICS context, and the causes and consequences of non-performing bank loans and a profiling of defaulters of on said loans. Indeed, a first course on Indian economics at any prestigious institution may well be framed around careful viewing and discussion of the Dhoom films. In the careful hands of Aditya Chopra and Vijay Krishna Acharya (Dhoom 1/2/3, Tashan, Thugs of Hindostan), each Dhoom film achieves a delicate balance between the overt cops-and-robbers heist story and the covert exploration of complex economic schools of thought.
As the 1st film in the franchise, Dhoom (2004) establishes the storytelling framework for the films to come, and by itself explores the challenges and opportunities presented by Indian economic policymaking in the early ‘00s. The film features an all-round star-studded cast, with support from Honorary Roadie & Stardust Awards nominee Esha Deol, Star’s Sabsey Award winner Rimi Sen, and Indian Telly Award nominee Arav Chowdharry. At the film’s helm are Lions Club Award winner John Abraham, Sansui Award winner Abhishek Bachchan, and Emmy nominee Uday Chopra. Series regulars Bachchan and Chopra play Jai and Ali respectively, Jai being a policeman and Ali a small-time mechanic with a penchant for fast bikes and disinterested women. Abraham essays the villainous role of Kabir, part-time restaurant waiter and part-time leader of a gang of biker thieves.
The film begins with a series of daring heists pulled off by Kabir’s gang, relying on their high-speed bikes to orchestrate sudden thefts and promptly escape the scene soon after. Their exploits catch the eye of Jai, a lifetime appointee to the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police. Jai, however, finds himself out of his depth and through a series of accidents, makes the acquaintance of Ali, a mildly-seedy mechanic and bike racer. Initially reluctant to be associated with law enforcement, Ali is eventually induced to join Jai’s cause and attempt to chase down Kabir and his merry band of men. Dhoom is slow and deliberate in its setup, and the film’s early minutes are heavy on subtext and detail, therefore, it is essential to take in the plot in small increments, so as to be thorough with one’s analysis.
In an allegorical sense, Jai, as a police officer, represents bureaucratic authority and the security, comforts and powers of government employment. Abraham’s Kabir, as a thief, is a laissez-faire capitalist, relying on his material advantage in the form of fast bikes and his manpower advantage in the form of skilled bikers to partake in a series of one-sided transactions with economic entities such as banks and government funds. In this sense, the act of robbery in Dhoom is merely a transaction between two private parties wherein one side gains an unfair amount at the other’s expense, absent external interventionism. In addition to being a free-market advocate, Kabir is also an employee at a pizza parlour, which seems to be the film’s attempt at exploring both the growing role of the service economy as a share of India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the amorphous nature of employment within the modern ‘gig’ economy. Caught between the competing ideas of state-control and free capitalism, Chopra’s Ali is a stand-in for the directionless youth, lured by the safety and dignity of a government job, whilst simultaneously seduced by the potential for greater wealth presented by free-market capitalism. The film’s plot is overt in this depiction, with Ali simultaneously fearful of Jai’s authority, yet desirous of wielding said authority as an employed policeman. Furthermore, in an action sequence set in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar—a flea market specializing in illegally-hawked goods—Jai and Ali get into a fight with goons in the market, and are forced to make a hasty escape after being outnumbered. Ali bringing Jai to the market illustrates his ties to the informal, underground economy—a large, undocumented component of the Indian economy—and Jai’s subsequent fleeing the scene highlights the failed outcome of government attempts to regulate this grey economy by force and bluster.
Initially at a loss for clues, Jai is eventually able to deduce that Kabir’s bikers arrange their heists in close proximity to highways, providing as the highways do quick getaways after. This is no doubt an allusion to the economic importance of the National Highways Authority of India’s flagship ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ national highway construction project. Kabir, the raw capitalist, is empowered in his capitalistic pursuits by the government’s infrastructure investments, and John Abraham’s moody expression throughout the film is in no small part perhaps due to the discontentment within Kabir’s mind about his enterprise’s dependence on resources provided by the state. Having deduced Kabir’s MO, Jai and Ali attempt to catch him in the act. However, Kabir and his gang appear to have substantially faster bikes than Jai and Ali, which is undoubtedly an allusion to the government’s perceived ineptitude and inability to generally compete with private enterprise. Left chafing and chasing the dust, Jai catches a lucky break when an overconfident Kabir offers him a clue about his upcoming crime, with the catch being that if Jai fails to avert it, he must recuse himself from the case and leave Kabir to his entrepreneurial pursuits. Kabir, the staunch capitalist, is here hinting at the idea of termination clauses in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), agreements between enterprises and governments for mutual benefit. Whilst the government naturally retains the right to sever the partnership at any point, Kabir clearly believes that he, as the private party, is also entitled to terminate the contract should the government, aka Jai, default on the agreed-upon terms. Formally known as the ‘Authority Default’ concept, Dhoom represents this idea in the form of a simple, easy to understand challenge between Jai and Kabir.
Even as this layered conflict plays out between Jai and Kabir, Ali is enamoured by the mysterious ‘Dilbara’ (Esha Deol). Little is known about Dilbara, however, like other characters in the film, it may be reasonably assumed than she is also an allegorical depiction of an economic concept. Ali’s infatuation with her suggests that she is perhaps intended to be portrayed as a vague, undefined avenue of aspirational employment. Furthermore, the fact that she (as is later revealed) is in fact a part of Kabir’s gang, yet also harbours feelings for Ali, leads one to conclude that Dilbara represents a form of compromise between dirigisme, aka restrictive state-controlled economy, and laissez-faire anarcho-capitalism. The filmmakers leave the specifics of this compromise vague, however, Dilbara’s skimpy outfits perhaps represent the scantiness of opportunities presented by this nebulous alternative.
Returning to the main plot, Jai, despite being forewarned, fails to foil Kabir’s next robbery, despite being able to take down one of his gang in the process. Left short of a gang member, Kabir attempts to recruit Ali, left sidelined by Jai following their failure to catch Kabir. The jilted Ali readily embraces Kabir’s neoliberal worldview and the duo jet off to Goa, where Kabir has his eyes set on one final score from a casino. Subtextually, the casino and gambling in general represent what is in Kabir’s eyes an essential component of his brand of capitalism—rampant speculation and volatility that may be manipulated to one’s benefit. There may also be an addition reference to British academic Susan Strange’s seminal 1986 work Casino Capitalism, a critique of unregulated banking and financial systems. However, Kabir is more likely than not to be derisive of such thoughts, and therefore, if this reference was intended, it may merely be made to indicate the filmmakers’ complete mastery over both Keynesian and Austrian schools of economic thought.
The importance of dance numbers in YRF films cannot be overstated. Even as Bollywood music gravitates towards being little more than catchy jingles designed to elicit maximum publicity, the music and dance numbers in YRF films complement the plot perfectly, serving to both entertain and narrate. Dhoom is no exception to this tradition of excellence. On the eve of Kabir’s final heist, an inebriated Jai shows up at the casino, claiming to have left police employment and moved on. Kabir, however, is rightly suspicious, given as Jai is still a cop, and is merely attempting to lure Kabir into a false sense of comfort as a prelude to catching him in the act. This Jai accomplishes by putting on a song-and-dance in front of Kabir to convince him of his abandonment of state-sponsored socialism and his embrace of Kabir’s unrestrained capitalism. The song is entitled ‘Salamee’, a clever homophone of ‘salami’, a sausage that consists primary of beef. The consumption of beef was, in a landmark 2005 Supreme Court judgement, forbidden on grounds on anti cow-slaughter laws. Kabir, as an opponent of government intervention, would likely have been opposed to the idea of such a restriction being imposed upon him. Therefore, to show his solidarity to the cause, Jai takes to the stage in front of Kabir and sways to the refrain of “Naye kal ko aao kare, hum karein, karein/Salami, salami, salami/Kar le salami…”.
The subterfuge is apparently successful, and a placated Kabir is lulled into a false sense of security by Jai’s reinforcement of his worldview. However, as mentioned, Jai’s conversion is little more than a ruse, and a hoodwinked Kabir is successfully caught in the act by Jai and Ali, who is revealed to have been Jai’s mole all along. The ever-slippery Kabir, however, weasels his way out of Jai’s clutches, and flees with his loot. Although Dhoom 3 would better address the phenomenon of loan defaulters taking flight from the verge of captivity, Dhoom too takes a cursory look at the occurrence, although Kabir does not quite embody a loan defaulter. He is merely the free-market capitalist, the robber baron caught flouting regulations and fleeing from the consequences of government intervention. A long chase sequence ensues, with Kabir fleeing but ultimately cornered by Jai and Ali at the precipice of a sea-facing cliff. Facing a choice between certain captivity and death, Kabir chooses to fly off the cliff with the last of his loot. In a literal sense, Kabir merely dies by falling off the cliff into the sea. In a figurative sense, faced with the prospect of his enterprise being forced to comply with ungainly regulations, Kabir chooses instead to offshore his business, and make for better waters, thus bringing his character arc to a natural and satisfying conclusion. A frustrated Jai bemoans his end, representing the government’s exasperation at ultimately failing to bring a rogue enterprise to heel. Ali, having seen his capitalistic expectations dive off a cliff with Kabir, chooses in the film’s final shot, to finally pursue the path to safe, steady, state-sponsored employment after all, asking Jai if he finally is a bona-fide police officer, as the film fades to black.
The topical nature of Dhoom is a cause for admiration, even a decade and a half after its release. The film successfully ties together strands of economic and socio-economic thought from its time—the ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ project received a major fillip in the first years of the new millennium, the service sector encountered a boom around the same time, as did the contribution of outsourcing to employment and economic growth. The rise of men like Kabir is perfectly timed in the post-License Raj years, as the country embraced capitalism over state socialism. Yet, the lure of stable, ‘safe’ government employment holds true, and powers men like Jai and seduces men like Ali. Dilbara’s unknown fate at the end of the film—left waiting for Ali by the side of a road—is representative of the uncertain outcomes of economic models with time. On a meta note, the Dhoom franchise’s casting of Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra in every film is a nod to the ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act’ of 2005, a flagship government initiative that guarantees employment for a certain number of days out of the year, in the form of unskilled labour.
In summation, Dhoom rightly deserves its place as a seminal film in the annals of both YRF and Indian cinema. In its own right, it is a bold, experimental film that marries erudition to entertainment. It is also the progenitor of its celebrated franchise, providing the springboard from which future films would explore similar issues in an equally deft and precise fashion. To YRF, the Dhoom franchise, and Indian cinema, the film Dhoom is nothing short of a bottle of nitrous oxide, that when attached to a bike, propels it into the stratosphere.
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[All] And men are coming

In P12, Sarah Palmer lost it in the grocery store, scaring the young clerks. Things unravelled fast, and then she ran out.
Sarah: "Find the car key. Find the car key. Get the car key. Get the car ... get the goddamn car key!"
Later in the episode, Hawk went to see what was going on with Sarah. As he walked to the door, we got a good look of the street in front of the house. There was no car parked there except Hawk's own. The Palmer's house was on a small hill, and it didn't have a garage, so they had kept the car on the street in front of it. We were reminded of this in the FWWM flashback in P17 when Laura ran to James's motorbike, and Leland's 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic was parked on the street in the same place where Cooper parked his Lincoln in the finale. Sarah was home, but there was no car, so apparently she didn't have one.
A frail alcoholic like Sarah wasn't expected to have a car anyway, so something else was going on with the car keys. She wasn't talking about her own keys or even about her own car.
In P3, someone else was trying to find car keys. Cooper had just emerged from a socket in Las Vegas, but wasn't really functional, so Dougie's lady friend Jade needed to put on his "damn shoes". Then she got another worry.
Jade: "You do have your keys, right?"
She searched his pockets but there were no car keys.
Jade: "You mean Jade has to give you two rides?"
Then they got going with Jade's car. Dougie's 2000 Ford Taurus was left on the driveway. There was a shot of its back. Its register plate number was "DUGE LV".
What would any of that have got to do with Sarah Palmer?
Just as things started to get out of hand in the store, she seemed to give the clerks an ominous warning.
Sarah: "Your room seems different - and men are coming."
The first part sounded like a throwback to an odd Fire Walk with Me: Missing Pieces scene in which Cooper told an off-screen Diane that she "had changed something in this room". Then he triumphantly realized she had "moved that clock 12 inches to the left". Watch carefully.
Watching carefully, what had changed in the grocery store was the position of the card reader's pen that was now on the left side of the reader whereas it had earlier been strangely sticking out of it. When it was briefly shown in its original position, there was just one line of dialog.
Sarah: "Uh, could I have a carton of Salems, please?"
So, were we supposed to do something with that? A carton of Salems. Perhaps this wasn't blatant tobacco product placement but yet another one of Lynch's anagrams. If so, it sure works as one, and easily so.
Coincidently, this was another connection to the scene when Jade was trying to find Dougie's car keys. That car went missing - or at least Janey-E had no idea where it was - and then it was literally lost for good when it blew up in P5. Then in P6, when the officers were inspecting the scene, they found its register plate on the neighbor's roof. A Patrol Officer climbed up the ladder to read it aloud.
Patrol Officer: "David, union, George, Edward, Lincoln, Victor."
Names of a lost car. There were five names in total, "union" not being a name. They were all names of men, which seems to be what Sarah meant with "men are coming". So, we got a list of names now:
David, George, Edward, Lincoln, Victor
Just as Sarah said, "and men are coming", the male clerk credited as Bag-boy came to attention. He wanted to be coming, too? We could see from his name tag that he was Oscar. Including him on the list of names would then complete it as:
David, George, Edward, Lincoln, Victor, Oscar
Since the names were used for a register plate, let's reconvert them to one:
If this was as intended, the whole thing would have been set up just to switch the letter "U" to "O".
There apparently was an amusing "checksum" that this indeed was as intended. In P13, the episode that followed, Norma reprimanded her brand handler Walter that she had given other diners her exact recipes and how her ingredients were expected to be "natural, organic, local". On her way out, Sarah passed a sign "LOCAL" that was hanging above the window. The beef jerky package promoted it as "natural". At 10:41, Sarah turned briefly to look at a sign selling "artisan" bread that often implies traditional ingredients and methods.
All this got its meaning from Walter's innocent remark.
Walter: "Norma, I assure you they're following your recipes to the letter --"
Indeed, we followed the "recipes" to the letter. Let's bake it next. The updated set of letters works as an anagram for:
When Sarah had run out, Oscar got his only line of dialog.
Bag-boy: "I know where she lives. I can d-deliver them. I guess."
In P14, James and Freddie - "that gloved freak", as Chad called him in P15 - were waiting for delivery.
Freddie: "Okay, Jimmy. We got one more delivery, and then it's hit the Roadhouse."
Freddie then told a story how he had got that mysterious green rubber glove stuck in his right hand that gave his arm "the power of an enormous pile driver". Then James left him, reminding him of the delivery.
James: "You wait for the delivery. Don't forget to sign the invoice. I'm gonna go check the furnaces."
Later in P17, as Freddie and BOB were dueling it out, BOB hissed him an odd remark.
BOB: "Catch you ... with my death bag."
It looked like that what little screen time the grocery store Bag-boy got, it was used to link him to Freddie with one of Return's hairiest riddles. But since the Bag-boy himself had only a fleeting presence in the story, he needed to link somewhere else to make the connection meaningful. That brings us to the pen that stuck out of the card reader that was in the same position as the pen on Ben's desk later in the episode, apparently used to link together Ben and Richard Horne and Supervisor Burns of Silver Mustang Casino.
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OfflineTV and Friends Minecraft Server Season 3.5: After Toast (AT) | FTB Revelations: New Beginnings | (Dec. 1) Faction Updates, News, and Power Rankings (#5)

The Hive

Also known as the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination. The Hive is a faction created for the purpose of taking revenge on Toast, the Don of the Comfy Cartel that exists in the previous world
General Tubbo
Sasuke Ryan
Major 5up
Private Brooke

News Headlines



"Player Versus Player in OfflineTV Feed The Beast Uchiha Fight Club"
An underground/underwater Fight Club where residents that has beef with each other can go into this place and fight it out. Residents that are awake will watch the fight and place bets. Winner will be rewarded by a weapon, riches, or bragging rights
Hosted by: Sasuke Ryan




The official Town Center is currently being built at the northwest of Abe's house. The giant Christmas Tree has been grown and currently being decorated with garmin by Wendy and Hannah
Name of the town: TBA
Relative location of houses are adjusted


Sleepy has descended upon the lands!*
Astral Sorcery Queen Sydney has reached the peak of Astral Sorcery and shebhas unlocked a devastating magic of Moon Beam
She then plans to study a different art of magic which is Thaumcraft
Bnans, or Hannah, is now deemed to be the Blue Haired Ice Queen as she lives in the Icy Mountains in the far north of the town. She will also start to learn the arts of Thaumcraft and become a Thaumaturge Apprentice under the tutelage of Thaumaturgist Wendy
Altrive has descended upon the lands!
A Serial Screener has been spotted that was terrorizing residents that recently descended upon the landa and trying to kill them so she can take a screenie witht their graves
L'Ottos Casino has made money for almost 5 times since half of the residents became addicted to gambling
New members of the Casino are Brooke, Brodin, amd Janet
5up has been recently resurrected with his memories intact and joined The Hive
The Hive has recently created a new factory that makes coke and other business materials
Gretchen has kinda descended upon the lands!
Gretchen spoke to Miyoung about her relationship with Ludwig in this world. They came to an agreement that Ludwig shall apologize to Miyoung about his wrong deeds against her and that she should forgive him
Gretchen they took the bathroom and then Ludwig came from nowhere
Ludwig apologized to Miyoung and he proposed to Miyoung to kill him to be even with her and to forgive him
Miyoung killed succesfully killed him. No one knows about the situation between the Comfy Cartel partners currently
Abe baited Kris and Janet in fighting the Guardian of Gaia
Two casualties happened when they fought a Tier 3 Gaia I and Abe almost died. Spectators are Wendy and Hannah who are commentating the battle

Power Rankings

Power ranks is based on current armor, weapons, and technology. Potential is also taken into account
Rank 1
General Tubbo
Rank 2
Sasuke Ryan
Rank 3
Private Brooke
Rank 4
Major 5up
Rank 5
Robot Overlord Michael
Rank 6
Rank 7
Engineer Kris
Rank 8
Astral Sorcery Queen Sydney
Rank 9
Astral Sorcerer Myth
Rank 10
Fairy Princess Abe
Rank 11
Thaumaturgist Wendy
Rank 12
Scammer Ludwig
Rank 13
Zookeeper Ash
Rank 14
Serial Screener Miyoung
Rank ??
Grassjeli Jeff
Author's Note
Disclaimer: Gambling are not for kids! Gamble responsibly
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big wins in casino classy beef (3) - YouTube Welcome to Casino Beef Week - YouTube Beef Week Auction Casino NSW 2012 - YouTube Casino is the Beef Week Capital of Australia No Bull - YouTube Casino Beef Week 2012 Lock the Gate Float - No Coal Seam ... Honeycomb Brazy IME Casino YRN Casino beef who got next ... Casino Beef Week Samba Blisstas 2010 - YouTube Casino Beef Week Part 2 1990 - YouTube Tom Segura - Beef Tartare - mit Lukas Olbrich aus dem Casino Wien - YouTube

Casino Group is a French multi-banner food retailer, with a controlling share in Grupo Pão de Açúcar (GPA) in Brazil.This report analyses GPA’s deforestation risk exposure based on beef samples collected through store visits. Chain Reaction Research (CRR) visited 50 GPA supermarkets in five Brazilian cities and inspected 500 randomly selected beef products. Westlawn Finance Beef Week Rodeo at the Casino Showgrounds! Saturday 29 May 2021, from 3pm. The Westlawn Finance Beef Week Rodeo will be returning again as a full rodeo for the NCMC Casino Beef Week 2021 festival! Taking place at the Casino Showgrounds the rodeo will see up to 200 top competitors from across Northern Rivers and as far as Queensland saddle up for a range of events. There are ... Common conditions for no Casino Nsw Beef Week 2020 deposit casino bonus offers. Very often a no Casino Nsw Beef Week 2020 deposit casino bonus deal is linked to a promotional code reference. So, it’s important you enter any promo code into the associated Casino Nsw Beef Week 2020 promotions box when you register with your new casino. Casino Beef Queen, valley view casino centre san diego ca, free igt slot machine manual, brno poker turnaje. Total Bonus -November 5, 2018. 50-18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 0. 0. Percentage. Contribute a better translation. Read our full review. 61. January 7, 2018. Bonus. 25 Free Spins; Wager: 50x ; No Code Required; 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 100%. Big Selection Of Slots ... Das Streamen von Casino-Sessions am Spielautomaten entwickelt sich international, aber auch in Deutschland zu einer erfolgreichen Nische. Classy Beef wird als unternehmerisches Projekt aufgezogen. Die Gamer sind ein Haufen, der gemeinsam viel Spaß hat, es geht aber in erster Linie um das Produkt: Englischsprachigen Content zu produzieren, der Geld verdient. CASINO has steaked its claim to the title of Australia's Beef Capital after processing a Wagyu which has been named the world's best steak at the World Steak Challenge in London. Casino is a medium size town in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. Understand . A rural service town, Casino pitches itself as the beef capital of Australia. There is very little to do in Casino outside of Beef Week, and its generally not on the radar of most tourists. Aside, that is, from train travelers who interchange to the bus at Casino station. The interchange is very brief ... Casino beef field day covers hot topics Shan Goodwin 7 Dec 2015, 10:21 a.m. Beef. CATCHING UP: Talking beef at Casino were North Coast Local Land Services' Nathan Jennings, Casino beef producer ... Our focus will always be on putting the customer first. With that in mind, we offer 24/7 Live Chat support for everyone who seeks help: whether you want to find the most suitable casino bonus for your country or you have some issues or concerns after using one of our bonus links. If you need assistance with various account issues, including verification problems, and delayed withdrawals, our ... Casino Beef Week More than 100 events over 11 awesome days! There’s more to the beef industry than the steak on your plate or the meat in your burger. Make your way to the beef capital of Australia, the picturesque town of Casino, NSW – for Casino Beef Week, an annual celebration of this iconic Australian industry and the rural way of life. Taking place over 11 days, the 2021 festival will ...

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big wins in casino classy beef (3) - YouTube

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Lock the gate Northern River Alliance were a part of the Beef Week Parade, Casino, 2012. They carried home made farm gates with Lock the Gate signs and messa... #TomSegura Original Video Links: With Casino Beef Week approaching I gently reminded the member for Capricornia in Parliament that Casino is the Beef Capital of Australia, not Rockhampton. biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef... Some video from Beef Week in Casino NSW 2012 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. There’s more to the beef industry than the steak on your plate or the meat in your burger. Make your way to the beef capital of Australia, the picturesque to... 1990 Casino Beef Week Video Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.