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As uncompressed Blu-rays are taking a lot of space (only the main movie is about 13 [star Wars Clone Wars] to 26 GB [Casino Royale]), I have to compress them. But as far as I've noticed the quality does not suffer. I compress the Blu-rays with CF 20 in HandBrake, which leads to files sized 3 [star Wars Clone Wars] to 9 GB [Hellboy]. I usually use a combination of MacTheRipper and Handbrake for archiving my DVDs. Not so with the latest James Bond flick, Casino Royale. It appears Sony has introduced a new copy-protection method that really bungs up most DVD ripping programs. 007, Casino Royale, handbrake, n95, nokia, RipIt4Me Happy New Year – Rip your DVDs . Well after writing about my Christmas wish-list it seems pertinent to give any fellow Nokia N95 owners out there a … More. DRM, dvdecrypter, handbrake, n95, nokia, Ripping Getting Movies onto the Nokia N95. I thought it was about time I got some movies onto my Nokia N95. So what I need is something I am trying to rip Casino Royale to my laptop so that i can watch it on my iPod. I have ripped many dvds without problems in the past, but something strange is happening this time round. I make all the necessary settings, choosing the main feature, (about 2h18min,) and set the target size to 750mb etc and then click 'rip'. All things start well, but the ripping stops after about a minute. Upon Some recent DVDs use protection methods that Handbrake can't overcome. Casino Royale is one example. Most DVDs in that category will need to be converted to VOB files by using MacTheRipper 3.0r14 or later. Current versions of MacTheRipper are a PITA to obtain. It is not freeware. In my experience, Handbrake has been able to directly handle almost every DVD I've thrown at it. Perhaps the 5.1 (I ripped DVDs with MakeMKV even though Handbrake could do both because ripping is fast and then you can leave Handbrake to encode overnight – otherwise you have to be on hand to change discs.) I still use both of these brilliant pieces of software, but I found myself spending a lot of time copying and pasting file names and such (which need to be in a Show Name – sXXeXX format for the Then, I imported the DVD2oneX2 version into Handbrake to convert into MP4 and it worked beautifully! Time consuming?? Yes. But considering the countless hours I've expended trying to import Casino Royale (WHICH I OWN!!) into my hard drive so that I could use it with Apple TV, it was worth it.

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